Apr 24

Progress Updates (Updated 24th Apr 2016)

(24th Apr 2016) Project is not “abandoned” or “dropped”, just had to survive a full load semester of pain and suffering.

Thanks for still keeping track of the project despite the long hiatus, I’m always reachable at Twitter if you want to find me.

Milestones achieved since last Progress Update

– Kuroneko Route 100% Finalized



– TLC Saori Route

– Final Yamineko / Tamaki Route

This post will be reserved for progress updates. We don’t have a set schedule, so check back often if you are interested in our progress.

Jun 12

[UPDATED 14/12/15] Oreimo Fandom Project Submissions

(14th Dec 2015 – New Photo-set featuring Ayase at AFASG’15!)

 Looking for the patch release? Click Here! 

Want to support the creators legally and buy Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1 & 2 digitally? OVER HERE!

Sample Submissions



17th May 2015 – 2:55PM : New submissions of fanart, cosplays and other assorted Oreimo pictures will qualify for the

Disc 2 Early Access Full Patch! (Patch ETA Unknown)

To add submissions to this page or find out what kind of material you should make, please contact me at @dizzy_ziddy over at Twitter! Remember the submissions have to be your original work and not taken off the internet!

Click below to view the submission gallery!


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Feb 15

[Tutorial] Buying Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP from PSN and Converting to ISO

 Looking for the patch release? Click Here! 

Want to support the creators legally? READ ON!


The guide in the readme.txt is too confusing for you? Here’s a more detailed guide! 

Cost of Game : 2880 Yen == $24.24USD

Time Required : 10-15 Minutes + ?? (Depends on Internet Speed)

If you need help with this at any point, please contact me at https://twitter.com/dizzy_ziddy!

This tutorial is assuming you don’t have a Japanese PSN Account and a Japanese Credit Card! Skip the steps that does not apply to you!

Step 1 : Go to http://tiny.cc/buyoreimopsp (Use Incognito / Private Browsing mode if you do not see the following image.



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Feb 14

Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1 : Full English Patch Release

Want to support the creators legally and purchase a digital copy of Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku? CLICK ME!


15th Feb 2015 1:41AM – Black Screen & Patching Issue has been fixed! Please re-download the patch!

Want to buy the game legally and use it for the patch? You can do so by following this tutorial at http://notcliche.com/ziddy/tutorial-buy-oreimo-psp/ 

Contact me on Twitter if you need help at any point!

>>> PATCH DOWNLOAD (Black Screen Fix) <<<

>>> PATCH MIRROR (Black Screen Fix) <<<

>>> For Vita PSP Exploit Users (Thanks @The_Zett!) <<<

>>> Video Tutorial on dumping the UMD version of Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP! Thanks blackmailftw! <<<


The full patch is for Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP has come!

Disc 1 : Remastered version of the original first psp game. Re-released with Tsuzuku. Patch goes here.

Disc 2 : Sequel with after stories, continuing from the content of disc 1.

Be sure to check out the readme.txt or the comments section if you have any questions.

Emulators are not supported, so any potential bugs or issues encountered using them WILL NOT be handled by the team.

If you can play the game using emulators with no issues however, go right ahead!

Try a different browser if you can’t complete the download!

We will be taking a break now! Please enjoy and thanks for all the support, fans and staff alike!

Thanks for believing!

Aug 18

Show Your Appreciation!


Here’s the one place for you to leave comments for the Staff members.

If you want to thank them for a job well done and/or leave words of encouragement, go right ahead!

Jun 09

Oreimo Happy enD Avatar Rip Release


Look at how happy Kanako is!

Here’s the release of the avatars that you see often at the bottom left of the screen in Oreimo Happy enD!


Have fun!

May 25

The End of Partial Patches

So it has come to my attention that people are continuing to ignore our requests to not distribute the patch with the game.

In response, we are now ending future partial patch distributions.

Thanks for ruining it for everyone.

Edit: The full patch is still being worked on.

Jan 13

We are recruiting! [Updated 13 JAN 2014]


All future Oreimo PSP videos will not be uploaded until we get some new translators due to a massive shortage of staff members.

In particular, we are looking for these positions to be filled for the Oreimo PSP project, with the description of the work done to follow.

Please indicate if you have any prior experience with these positions. Additionally, if you would like to help out occasionally (aka not a permanent position), please indicate that as well. Schedules are somewhat flexible.


Oreimo PSP

Translator / Translation Checker (JP-EN) – Check on the translations and fix lines that have blanks for the existing scripts, in order for the patch to go smoothly. Proper English proficiency and Oreimo Knowledge recommended! (This is not an EDITOR POSITION.)

If you will be busy, you should inform us in advance, instead of disappearing with no reason. (Unless said reason involves you being unable to contact us beforehand)

Got another role with a fansub/translation group? We can work it out.

For those who are interested, drop me an e-mail (dizzyziddy at gmail.com) or drop by our irc channel (#rinjinbu, irc.rizon.net, or just use the Web IRC). You can also leave your contacts (e.g email) in the comments.

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