Jan 01

A Faster Way of Updating Progress

I’m not sure if many people are aware of this, but I have a Twitter dedicated to Progress Updates for the Oreimo PSP Project. You can find it at https://twitter.com/RinjinbuTL

All future progress updates will be from this account since it’s easier for me to maintain, so please follow it. Otherwise, here’s an embedded version!

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The "Jack of All Trades" leader of Rinjinbu Translations. Also the owner of the youtube channel. And a very obvious Kuroneko fan.


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  1. moe


  2. Kazuma

    Good god you guys still doing this <3

  3. anonimous

    Well, Twitter isn’t very good way, because it requires to register and reveal too much personal info just to follow interesting news. I still prefer this site and colored tables. Anyways, keep going and thank you for your work!

  4. Joel

    Keep up the good work! I’ve been watching your progress for a while now, because the game looks very interesting. I’d like to think that I’d be doing similar work if I knew Japanese… so many awesome games/visual novels/etc. that non-Japanese speakers miss out on. Anywhoo, happy New Year!

  5. sea-

    Very glad this is still a thing! Thank you for your hard work!!

  6. Izumi

    Thank You for your hard work guys. Keep your health while doing the project

  7. AirKingNeo

    Wait, wait wait wait, it’s almost done? Ok I’m either setting or for February to be done (and that gives me this to play and new part of Digimon Tri) or for April (as of it was a psuedo birthday present to finally play the second game and Saori’s route.

    Either way, I’m just glad this is almost finished.

  8. sddfssdaf

    Thanks for the information

  9. nekopuff

    Near to completion! Almost there! Keep it up guys! Hopefully before February :3

  10. Masterxz

    Will the patch be ready for summer 2017? i m looking forward to playing it 🙂

  11. Ryuji

    Do your best !!!

  12. Kuro no Tenshi

    can we download what is made till know?

  13. Zexcceed

    how to i read the novel

  14. YamiNeko

    i can’t wait to play Tsuzuku Disc 2 full english patch :3
    thanks for your hard work ^^

  15. Izumi Sagiri

    Hang in there guys, i will wait it finished

  16. thefreeloader

    I wish to donate my blood.

  17. Miggy Roco

    I hope this project will not die I been following this translation for a long time been checking it from time to time
    POWER Ziddy !

  18. Patient Fan

    Hang in there!

  19. SndStorm

    Still Waiting 🙁 When it is will be available?

  20. Gin-san

    I’m still waiting for the day that the translation project is completed. FIGHTING GUYS !! 😉

  21. Maple-senpai

    Goooooooooooood Luck! I’m so thankful that you’re still translating Oreimo. It seems like it’ll be close to completion now and I feel guilty for getting this ‘soon-to-be-complete’ patch for free. I’m sooo willing to pay for this and the game! I love you so much, Ziddy!

  22. Oskar

    Man I’ve been following the process since the patch for the disc one was released and let me tell you something you are the best, it’s been a long waiting but it will be definitely worth it!!

  23. Jojo

    Everybody are giving their hope, A little more and soon, Champion is rising.. Be Proud..

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