Jan 01

Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku Disc 1 : Ayase Route Patch Release


Kanako attempts to steal the spotlight from Ayase.

Bugfix patch has been released on 13th Jan 2014, please do not load any save files from Kirino Route’s final scene to avoid the crash.

The patch release for the first disc’s Ayase Route has come! This patch contains the Common, Kirino, Kuroneko and Ayase Routes (+ Kanako IF Route).

Ayase’s Route takes place if you have flagged for her during the Common Route.

To clarify once again…

Disc 1 : Remastered version of the original first psp game. Re-released with Tsuzuku. Patch goes here.

Disc 2 : Sequel with after stories, continuing from the content of disc 1.

Note that there might still be some bugs present with the patch, but most of it has been resolved since the beta test.

Be sure to check out the readme.txt or the comments section if you have any questions.

Emulators are not supported, so any potential bugs or issues encountered using them WILL NOT be handled by the team.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/hn1uaalwceo9aw1/oreimo_psp_ayase_bugfix_patch.zip – DOWNLOAD HERE!

 User Submitted Patch Guide @ http://notcliche.com/ziddy/kuroneko-route-patch/#comment-1198223088

Ctrl F, type the Xdelta error code and search for it if you have problems! The comments section helps!

If you are still here for some reason, we are in DIRE NEED for JP-EN Translators/TLCs! More details at http://notcliche.com/ziddy/we-are-recruiting/

Happy 2014!

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The "Jack of All Trades" leader of Rinjinbu Translations. Also the owner of the youtube channel. And a very obvious Kuroneko fan.


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  1. Nic

    hi ziddy i cant apply the patch its says:

    xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

    1. Ziddy

      Read the readme.

    2. zerox

      try dragging the patch file to the xdeltaUI…the you add the game and change the blank file type to all file…
      because it work when i did it like that…

    3. Nic

      tnx i just forgot to rename the source file hehe 🙂

  2. AviorEC

    Great, my brother has waited for the Ayase route.
    Big thanks to the team and a happy new year!

  3. zerodriver3

    hmm, playing the patch now. Looks great so far. This is a great new years present!

    Happy new years to you guys and thank you for your work~

  4. zerox

    ziddy i just like to ask when are you planning on kuroneko route…because i want to see the ending…

  5. Tatsuya

    Woohoo, finally!
    Thanks Ziddy and team!

  6. Reder

    Ziddy when i try to start the game i get the error 800020148 how i can fix it? And thanks for the hard work.

    1. Ziddy

      Try updating your CFW via http://wololo.net/cfw4dummies/

      1. Reder

        It still not working, but i can play perfectly with the Kirino patch.

        1. Ivy

          I have the same issue and I can play the game perfectly with the Kirino patch aswell.

          Im running TN-V7 on my Vita btw.

          1. Ziddy

            Unfortunately this seems to be an issue with the cfw itself, since Valkyria Chronicles 3 required a new revision for it to work.

            Try changing the NOUMD settings.

            1. Ivy

              Tried using different settings and changing UMD ISO modes but still no luck. I used the previous patch (kirino fix patch) and the game runs just fine but when I patch a clean copy of the game with this new patch that’s when I get error 800020148 the game cannot be played message.

          2. Ziddy

            I’ll forward the issue to my technical staff to see if they will be able to tweak the patch.

            1. Silverdeath

              Any news on the tweaking for vita compatibility?

            2. Ziddy

              Try out the new patch and tell me if it works!

            3. Silverdeath

              The new patch works perfectly on the vita, thanks a lot!

            4. Dizzy Ziddy

              Enjoy the game!

  7. Tatsuya

    Hi Ziddy, i have this error x.x
    xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT
    I did everything what’s said in readme, and it still appears…what should I do?

    1. Ziddy

      Did you extract the rar files?

      1. Tatsuya

        Yeah, I extracted it. I did everything step by step like in that guide in comment.

        1. Neelo

          Did you make sure you’re patching disc *1* and not 2? I had an error too (not sure if it was the same, but probably was) and that was my problem.

          1. Tatsuya

            Yeah, I’m sure. But that file was 1,98 GB…I’m about to try with another one, and I’ll tell if it work.

            1. Tatsuya

              Okay, it’s working.
              I just got the right .iso 😀

  8. Silverdeath

    Did any of the PS Vita TN-V6 Beta testers get any problems? On my PS Vita I get the error 800020148.

    1. Ziddy

      We did not have any testers on the PSVita.

      This could be a problem with the cfw itself, since the english patch of Valkyria Chronicles required a new revision for it to work.

  9. J2dless

    How can you get the ORE 64 to go to the happy ending? I finished both normal and bad ending and started a new game but I can’t get the last ore…

    1. Ziddy

      You have to start a new game after receiving that ORE (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute). Loading a save prior to receiving it will not allow you to use it.

      You can obtain it either by completing the Ayase Normal End or Kirino True End.

      1. J2dless

        Will it automatically include at the start of the game? I tried playing the game from the start again but the ORE just wont appear even if I already did the Ayase normal end. Is there an event that should trigger to get the ORE or should I also do the Kirino True End too so that the ORE (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute) will activate at the start of the new game?

        1. Ziddy

          Check the ORE List to ensure you have it, by either pressing L when in-game or via the Main Menu.

          Also, I hope you saved after completing Ayase’s normal ending when prompted to save system data.

          If that still fails, you might want to try clearing Kirino’s True End.

          1. J2dless

            Thank you Ziddy… I’ll try what you said. And thank you again for releasing this patch… More power! 😀

  10. Karina Edith

    Hey there.
    Here is your daily reminder that you all in this project are awesome.
    Thank you,
    Happy 2014.

  11. Tatsuya

    Yeah, I extracted it. I did everything step by step like in that guide in comment.

  12. Simonkey

    Hi guys thanks for the patch. I’ve encountered a problem where I can’t save after completing Kirino’s true ending and obtained the last ORE neither can I save the system data without the psp freezing. I knew that this bug would have been fixed with this patch so i was wonder if it was just a problem with my psp?

    1. Ziddy

      The bug was fixed, so we will have to look into it.

      Could you upload your savedata so we can try to recreate it?

      It is located at PSP\SAVEDATA\NPJH50568 (Upload this folder)

      1. Simonkey

        Here’s the file, you can download it from mediafire. thanks to the availability and let me know if I can do anything to help. great job as always!

  13. Simonkey

    Here’s the file, you can download it from mediafire. thanks to the availability and let me know if I can do anything to help. great job as always!

    1. Os RoKy

      hey where will i download the game

  14. Tatsuya

    Hey, I’ve got Ayase Normal End, ORE “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” and didn’t save in game, but in emulator. If I will load that emulator save next time, choose New Game and play Ayase Route again, I will be able to use ORE required to get Good End?

    1. Ziddy

      No idea, since system data tracks the CGs and OREs that you have unlocked.

      We don’t support emulators after all. It’s a 50/50 chance whether you will be able to use it.

      1. Tatsuya

        Okay, thanks for a quick reply and for the whole work on a patch!

        1. Tatsuya

          What’s going on?
          I have that ORE required for Good End but I can’t use it.
          It doesn’t pops out after final Twoshot.

  15. ShadeFyre

    Well I just patched the game and the file that came out wasnt in either CSO or ISO format. Instead it was a “File”. Thats all it said under the type that it was.

    1. Nic

      put “.iso” on output file

  16. Souls

    Oh yeah time to get killed by Ayase…And Happy new yearr

  17. Silica

    Thank You !! There are also the route to Kanako?

  18. Tatsuya

    What’s going on?
    I have that ORE required for Ayase Good End but I can’t use it.
    It doesn’t pops out after final Twoshot.
    I’m using emulator, but I have that ORE unlocked, when I look into list of ORE’s.

    1. Ziddy

      Is the ORE greyed out when you access them ingame?

      If yes, you are unable to use it. (unless you start a new game)

      The beta testers have managed to enter Ayase’s final ending, though it could be something that they missed out.

      If this is an emulator issue though, there’s nothing much we can do.

    2. zerodriver3

      I found this error the first time I played it. It seems to be that though the system data recognize that you have received the O.R.E, the game ‘flag’ won’t. I solved it by deleting the game save and have a complete restart

    3. dooms_day

      by deleting the game save does that mean deleting NPJH50568? wouldn’t that erase even the unlocked O.R.E.?

  19. oppaiDAISUKI

    question sir ziddy.. im patching the previously patched .iso (patched w/ kuroneko and kirino route) but now i cant patch it.. coz in the readme it says the source file needs to be the “b-oi2p1”.. i directly patching the .iso file from my psp.. everytime i manually rename the output file w/ .iso, the invalid checksum or whatsoever appears.. Q: is there anything i can do about it without downloading the unpatched disc1??

    1. Averruncus

      Do you have the original Bahamut files? You need those because that’s the base. Whenever a new patch is released I patch the ORIGINAL file, which is the “b-oi2p1” file. Then when everything is done I just put the newly patched game on my psp! If you have the Bahamut files do this and I am 100% positive that it will work for you. If not, go re-download them and do what is stated above.

      Happy gaming oppaiDAISUKI!
      And thanks you guys for the patches! We really appreciate your hardwork.


      1. oppaiDAISUKI

        i dont have anymore the original bahamut files.. so i really have to download it huh..

  20. Apollo

    I’m having a problem with Ayase’s route. I have completed her normal end, gotten the required O.R.E, saved the system data when prompted, and started a new game and yet I still can’t get the O.R.E to pop up at the end of her route to get her good end. Am I still missing something?

    1. Ziddy

      I’ll get the tech team to check it out, but it’ll take the weekends for them to figure it out.

      Can you try getting the ORE via Kirino’s True/Happy Ending and then starting a new game to reach Ayase’s Route?

    2. Ziddy

      By the way are you using an emulator?

      We have just checked with a fresh save file and you have to start a New Game after clearing Ayase’s Normal Ending in order to use ORE 64.

  21. Andy

    Thanks for the hard work, Ziddy!

  22. oreimo

    question.. there are two iso in the game which mean that this one contains two oreimo psp games? does the patch for the route include the followup story from the 1st game to the 2nd game?

    1. Ziddy

      Read the readme.

      1. oreimo

        thanks for the reply and for this patch 🙂

      2. oreimo

        just finished reading the novel, and the ending left me quite hanging. so really, thanks for the work guys

  23. souls

    During the 2nd playthrough of the Ayase route after you get the bad ending.There an option to go to an alternative route by not choosing the ore when kirino is barging into the room.Is this not translated as it an alternative route entirely or did you all miss it?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      That’s the Forbidden Yuri IF Route, which we are still going through at the moment.

      All the IF Routes should be ready by the next patch, with the exception of Kanako’s IF Route which is already in this patch.

      1. souls

        Ok thanks………….Really the Forbidden Yuri Route get unlocks after you get stab once………………..

  24. dooms_day

    I need help with patching. I’ve downloaded the BAHAMUT release and tried patching the ayase patch with it. I made sure it was part 1 too. But I get this error: NOT A VCDIFF INPUT: XD3_INVALID_INPUT. note that its not the checksum mismatch problem. thanks for any help

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Did you extract the files to get the iso?

      1. dooms_day

        Yeah I did but don’t worry. It just worked recently. just had to restart the pc. thanks

        1. Annou

          i still can’t worked same as you before. how do you fix it? please tell me

  25. Baka-Juice

    Your patch is amazing :D……On another note, Does anyone by any chance have a save data with the jap routes completed they’re willing to give me, I wanna play kirino route but I gotta finish all routes first thxs

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Kirino’s Route can be played without finishing the other routes.

      What you are referring to is the IF Kirino Route, which still remains untranslated.

      1. Baka-Juice

        Had a feeling that might have been the case, okay thanks for the reply, and the patch 😀

  26. oppaiDAISUKI

    question again… i got the “My Little Sister can’t be This Cute” ORE after i finished the normal ending… so i started a new game playing again the Ayase route but the ORE just won’t pop-up at the end of the two-shot..

    Q: do i need to get the correct order of ORE and two-shots just to make the “My Little Sister can’t be This Cute” ORE pop-up at the end.. btw, im using PSP-3000..

    1. oppaiDAISUKI

      oh.. i got the correct the ORE and two-shots and the “My Little Sister can’t be This Cute” ORE appears..

      1. Dizzy Ziddy

        Thanks for letting me know! I never thought that the correct choices for ORE and TwoShot influenced that ORE appearing.

        But then again, it IS the best ending, so you probably have to work for it.

      2. Ayase-Chan

        i dont understand, could you give me a step by step guide on how to get it please?

    2. Batoh

      I’ve replayed Ayase’s route numerous times trying to get the ORE to pop-up at the end but it ain’t working out. It’s really frustrating… (╥_╥)

      So how the hell did you get it?
      I’ve already messed around with every ORE and two-shot choices and nothing (°ヘ°)

      1. oppaiDAISUKI


        1. Ayase-Chan

          can you specify the both bad retort ones please?

          1. oppaiDAISUKI

            the two-shot in the maid cafe with ayase and saori, choose 2nd retort “are you an idiot?”.. anyway, just avoid any urgent invasion on the common route..

            1. Ayase-Chan

              so basically i let all the urgent evasion ore’s past and press x on are you an idiot?
              imma do that right now. thx 🙂

            2. ruri.ruri

              Can someone gave me the Walktrough for Ayase Route. i’m having hard time getting the True End. already follow what i can find in this site.

    3. hyohoho

      1. Dont join siscaly 2. Prevent urgent invasion, 3. Tell ayase about kirino joining the siscaly tournament 4. When going on the 1st date with ayase, choose the o.r.e H-Game before going to the maid cafe, 5. Two shot with saori dont pick are an IDiot, then. Just make sure you dont make a mistake in the two shot with kuroneko and kururu girl, 6 tell ayase you love her, then the my little sister o.r.e will pop up at after the last two shot woth kirino.. yeah

      1. Aaron Cobeng


  27. Annou

    sir how to patch to oreimo disc 2 ? disc 2 can’t patched like disc 1. please help

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      The Disc 1 Patch is for Disc 1.

  28. Jemmy Hutomo

    can anyone help me how to patch this ?
    i;m a bit confused

    1. oppaiDAISUKI

      1. extract the downloaded .rar to get the files b-oi2p1.rar(disc1) and b-oi2p2.rar(disc2).
      2. extract the b-oi2p1.rar to get the b-oi2p1.iso file..
      3. download the patcher
      4. open the xdeltaUI
      5. to open the patch file(oreimo-ayase-0.4.2.patch), go the directory of the patcher then select all files on file types and select the patch file.
      6. select b-oi2p1.iso for the source file.
      7. name the output file with .iso at the end of the file name (ex: oreimonext.iso)

      1. Jemmy Hutomo

        Okay thanks 😀
        btw my oreimo is always freezing , is that because the patch or because i using emu ?

        1. Dizzy Ziddy

          The patch works fine in actual PSPs, we do not support emulators.

          1. Jemmy Hutomo

            okay then , thanks for the information

  29. KirinoFanboy

    Hey guys – I have successfully created the ISO to play the game using delta, but now I am a little confused. How exactly do I play it? I do own a psp, but I am not sure how to go about putting the ISO into it so that I can play. Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated! I’ve got a cable that connects it to the PC, I just need to know what folder to put it in. Also, do I need to flash my psp?

    Thanks again

    1. Conner Pascual

      You need to have CTF (Custom Firmware) on your PSP. Then create a folder once PSP is connected to PC name the folder ISO and make sure its with other PSP folders. After just paste ISO into the ISO folder and you can play the game. Hope this helps!

      1. KirinoFanboy

        Hey there, thanks so much for your reply it was very helpful. I’ve just installed some CTF now and after a bit of fiddling around the game works like a charm. Thanks again for your reply!

    2. Yoshikuni

      How’d you patch the game? still a newbie I need some assistance so if you can help me, Im very grateful! 😀

  30. Matthew Day

    So, I have been having problems recently when trying to play the patched version of the game (details in video). Let me know if any of you can provide me with some sort of solution. I am currently talking with people on the PPSSPP forums, asking them what is up, since they all have it working and I don’t

    1. Conner Pascual

      The problem here is that you are using an emulator. The patched game does not work on emulators. Only on an actual PSP with CTF. Emulators are do not support this game. Hope this helps!

    2. Dizzy Ziddy

      I’m not sure what your issue is since we don’t support emulators, it looks like an issue with the emulator itself and not with the patch.

      1. Matthew Day

        Thanks for the response. It’s worked for other people on the emulator, so I’ve been trying to get their attention on the forums. If anything, I can just get custom firmware on my Vita

      2. Matthew Day

        After tedious hours, I finally got it working on my Ps Vita through custom firmware. Thank you for your translation

  31. ねこ タケル

    When will the disc 2 will be release?

  32. GoldenPincers

    Hey everyone!
    I downloaded the patch perfectly. I also downloaded the Disc 1. In the Disc 1 file are a ton of “b-oi2p1” files. However, the only “b-oi2p1” file that IS NOT there, is the ISO one.
    Could someone help me by telling me where I can get it / find it?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      unzip it.

  33. kuroneko fanboy

    why don’t you support emulators ?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Because it works perfectly on normal PSPs.

      It’s not our job to ensure that an emulator should work like a normal PSP.

  34. Yoshikuni

    Hi! I’m still a newbie when it comes to patching stuffs like these so, can anyone help me how to install the patch in my game?

    1. Yoshikuni

      Where should I download the game? it looks like the problem is within the iso I downloaded, where is the file in this website? I would be happy if ever you can give me the url of the game 🙂

      1. warlikewings

        Buy the game on Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Imouto-Konna-Kawaii-Iwake-Sony-PSP/dp/B005OUJPYI now you have a link to the game ;p

  35. Tsepo TheNarutouzumaki Gasa

    So is this project still going? Will disc 2 be patched?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Check the progress table post for more information.

  36. caraleigh pader

    Am i able to play this on pspvita?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      You can if you already own the psp exploit.

      1. caraleigh pader

        Darn then im sticking to my old psp

  37. Yanaro

    For anyone who wanna play this game on an pc, it’s possible to do so using PPSSPP 0.9.8. I’ve already finished Kuroneku and If routes using it without any problems. (in-game save option is kinda buggy, try using save state instead.)

  38. Pribadi Ridwan

    Umm… Mind if asking ? Is the 1st Cd excluding H and Marry thing ? I searched on Google’s Pict and found out that the ending will have a kid/ more

  39. Joshua Tubalinal

    Can anyone tell me how to get the ending for Kirino Route? thanks in advance.

  40. メグ クロッカー

    Hello, I’m not sure if someone has already asked about this, but my game keeps glitching and turning my psp off. I am trying to do the Kirino route and am about halfway through and I can no longer play for even a minute before the screen dims and then eventually the console just turns off. Is this issue farmiliar to anyone?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Are you using the latest patch? (Ayase)

      1. JackTrades

        These are pretty old comments but I am having the exact same problem, I really want to finish the Kirino route but half way through right as you show kirino that saori and kuroneko were messaging her it goes black at the following loading screen and crashes, I have the most current patch and firmware…

  41. bloo blue

    WHY Dont the person making the pacth’s patch the iso and just upload them to another site or something it isnt hard and it would save alot of time and damn drama, i cant stand these new generation of people these damn 90’s babies.

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Because of the following.

      1) It’s not legal.
      2) It puts us at risk of legal action.
      3) It seems like you’re the one who can’t figure it out and chose to blame us for our hard work to make this patch instead.

      Thanks for your interesting comment!

    2. warlikewings

      Would you also like them to install custom firmware on your PSP for you too? Gah, it’s not that hard to apply a patch yourself… Sincerely – An 80s kid

  42. Exile

    Nice job on the translation, guys. The anime left me thoroughly unsatisfied, so here I am.

    Speaking of, I seem to be an odd kind of stuck – you’re only supposed to go into Akagi’s IF route if you don’t use any OREs, right? So why does it push me into that route even though I used Kirino’s ORE? I buy all her Meruru stuff (most importantly Regional Meruru) instead of sight-seeing with Manami and it just shunts me onto the Akagi route anyway (which is of course not translated). All the other heroines apart from Manami tell me about their wishes, but Kyousuke’s so tired he can’t remember any of them (why can’t he just check his cellphone?), and nothing I do seems to be able to prevent that. I’ve re-done the last few two-shots over and over and that hasn’t helped at all. Thus far I haven’t continued the story from a single failed two-shot, so I don’t know what that does yet, except I hear they lead to bad ends. Any ideas?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      It could be one of your ORE choices.

      The shop you choose to go to will determine if you land in Kirino’s Route or not. (including choosing to buy her souvenir, weird I know)

      You’ll know when you see a unique Kirino CG for that shop.

      1. Exile

        That’s the weird thing – for the entire Kyoto trip, even though all the girls asked for something by e-mail (text hi-lighted, but no GET) I can’t go to a single one of their shops. The only choice I’m given is Kirino’s Meruru ORE, which I used the first time to no avail. I spent the next 2 hours re-grinding the Kyoto trip and every scene since Manami’s phone call and nothing changed. By the end I was tempted to fail and not avert a crisis if only because a bad end would be a change of pace.
        For reference, the only CG I got in Kyoto was Manami at the hotel.

      2. Exile

        FINALLY! Sure enough, changing shops and getting the Kirino CG broke the Higurashi-esque cycle of bromance.
        THANK YOU-na!

  43. Sigma Nought

    So I have a question. Is this the only Oreimo VN for PSP? There are two, but from what I’ve gathered they’re both the same, with the second release just containing some extras–right?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      There’s that Ore no Imouto Maker EX game which has oreimo characters but the concept is totally different.

      In that game, all the heroines become Kyousuke’s sisters and you (as Kyousuke) hang out with them during the Summer Vacation via Slot Machine.

  44. crane476

    Question. Towards the middle of the Kirino route my game always freezes. It always happens shortly after I use the Kirino’s Laptop O.R.E. Anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      What’s your PSP settings like?

      1. Irfan

        i have the same problem here, i’m using the custom firmware v6.60 on my psp..
        i wonder if this only happen on pre-patched ISOs files or not because i have prepatched version of the game

        1. Irfan

          found it, so you need to change the noumd setting to SONNY np9600 🙂
          great patch, thanks Ziddy 😀

  45. Jørn Christian Tinnesen

    I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but do i just download the ayase patch above and the i have both ayase + kirino routes or is it additional to another patch?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Ayase patch is the most updated patch so far, it includes all the previous patches.

  46. Frank

    This is for anyone out there that can help. Just after finishing the twoshot with Kirino about Kuroneko and Saori coming over, my emulator stops responding. Im using the PPSSPP emulator, so if anyone has a fix for this problem, this would be great.

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      You might have more luck posting this over at the PPSSPP forums, since this seems to be emulator related.

  47. William Kendrick

    its all bout dat kuroneko. sorry. and i’m not even a gothic loli fan she’s just soo cute i cant help it.

  48. ThatOneOtakuGuy

    how would i patch the game if I was using a mac? The patcher included in the file does not open as it is an .exe file which is not supported on macs

  49. Rei Naka Umi

    I use psp2k with 5.50 prome-4 SS, i try alot of different game base file but i keep get the “red screen then the psp turn off” error. Any help

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Try updating your psp custom firmware. This issue is usually caused by the firmware not matching with the game’s requirement.

  50. Jo Makein

    Great, complete Ayase route with 1st try)
    In the end pop up ORE My Sis cant’t be this cute!
    From patch notes know now that i can get another better ending with her and i’m really happy!
    Thanks for translating! Would waiting youre final patch! It’s a peace of art! Would happy if the 2nd disc would transl. too :3
    I would transl. ps3 version this game with pleasure! But i dont know how extract all game data and then pack it back 🙁
    If somebody would know how to do it please tell me! Thanks for reading my post :3

    Oh, one more thing, in beginning Ayase route find bug, text messed up in one of her speech

  51. Jm Toralba

    Uhm could someone tell me how to solve this XD3_INVALID_INPUT problem
    I really want to play the game translated but I can’t since this problem comes up when I patch it could u please tell me how to solve it thnx

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Get the BAHAMUT release. We mentioned this in the patch readme.txt.

      1. Jm Toralba

        Ohhhh ty

        1. Jm Toralba

          I didn’t know where to get the Bahamut Release so I just asked my friend to give the files from a Usb

          1. GigsyM

            well i’m stuck here too. , help me pls

  52. Jm Toralba

    Lol I got banned from Nico-blogs for sticking up to you he/she was using your patch and taking credit for it if you didn’t know

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      We appreciate it!

    2. El


  53. Basuketto

    My game crashed at the loading screen right after the picture where Ayase kissed Kyosuke. Is there a fix for this?

  54. sparkingmeteor

    Just wondering if the patch is still currently being updated? I DL’d it a couple days ago and I’m loving it ^^ So I wanna know if you’ll be doing the other routes eventually or if I have to translate myself xD Thanks a lot ^^

  55. Aaron Paul Custodio

    where is the patch for the first game?and its hard to look for first game bahamut reales only Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_Portable_2_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUT r appearing

  56. Minerofjustice

    Hey there Ziddy, i’ve a question regarding a link for the Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku ISO as when i patched an ISO of the game, and loaded up the emulator, It didn’t play Tsuzuku, if it doesn’t annoy you, would you perhaps link me to the iso so i can patch and play it 🙂

  57. Nixxnia

    Uwaaa~~why manami route still english….uwaaa~~~

  58. Allen Senpai

    hello I’m new here and sorry i my english is awefull.

    so I have a psp 1004 5.55 GEN-D3 but whenever I want to play I have error 80020148. I tried to solve it with iso thool but nothing. So I hope that you can help me

  59. Kelvin Yohanes

    could someone please tell me where to download the disc 2 patches? @oppaidaisuki:disqus @dizzyziddy:disqus
    i can’t find links for patches ><

  60. メイン暁

    how to download this game ??

  61. DatzSiiK

    Excellent patch, worked like a charm. although instructions were a bit confusing since I’m just starting to mess with emulators. would have been great to see a video instructing the whole emulator,game & patch process to make life a little easier for others. I can probably post a video quick of how I managed to get it working if people want me to ^^

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      The patch process has changed for the upcoming full release!

  62. unal991 .

    Hey I just finished the Kyoto trip with Manami and returned back to school. But after finising the trip the screen got white saying next route something like that and the lang changed to Japanese. What am I suposed to do here?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Hey there!

      What you seem to have done is ended up in a route that hasn’t been translated yet, hence why it “reverts to Japanese”

      The route branching takes place after the School Trip (Kyoto)!

      1. unal991 .

        Oh well I just restart the game

  63. jirou sakamichi

    Where can i download the game?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy


      You will be able to rip your own ISO from the PSN purchase and use that with the upcoming full patch!

  64. おいしい たべもの

    Hopefully I’m asking in the correct place, lest I get hounded, instead of help.
    I am trying to get this Oreimo game to work properly on my PSP and it’s not working out. I put it on the PSP as instructed and I play it, and everything is fine. Until I get to the passed the school trip. At that point it always goes back to Japanese. I’ve tried on a PSP and I’ve tried on PPSSPP. I have been this issue since I first attempted this a few months ago. Tried again a few days ago, and the issue persists.

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Hey there!

      What you seem to have done is ended up in a route that hasn’t been translated yet, hence why it “reverts to Japanese”

      The route branching takes place after the School Trip (Kyoto)!

      1. おいしい たべもの

        Alright, Thank you.
        So, not doing Siscaly should open up all the translated paths?
        Also, referring to the patch(es), I don’t know how to patch the game. I open xDelta UI, but I don’t know what the intended Source File and Outfile Files are. 🙁

        1. Dizzy Ziddy

          The translated routes are Kuroneko, Kirino, Ayase.

          Doing Siscaly sets you up with potential Kirino, Kuroneko and Saori routes.
          Ignoring the Siscaly Tournament will set you up with potential Ayase and Manami routes.

          The upcoming full patch uses a different form of patching (easier to use, drag and drop!).

  65. kiritokazito

    How do I download?

  66. kurosaki147

    I recently just ordered this game as well as a PSP-3001 and currently waiting to receive them in the mail. I’m just curious how you put this onto the system itself. I’m unfamiliar with how to install patches. So I apologize if I am asking a really dumb question.

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      You will need this link! http://wololo.net/cfw4dummies/

      After that, you need to dump the UMD into an ISO!

      “1. Get an ISO of the game, whether through ripping it yourself from the UMD, or converting your PSN copy.

      If you have a UMD:
      Use the CFW to convert the UMD into an ISO file onto your computer. Different CFWs may have different methods, but one method will be to change the USB Device from “Memory Stick” to “UMD Disc” on the CFW menu, which will allow your computer to access the ISO file. Additional instructions here: http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-a-PSP-UMD

      If you have a PSN copy:
      Must have umd_dump_simple.prx copied into your plugin folder ( ms0:/SEPLUGINS/) and add this line to GAME.TXT: ms0:/seplugins/umd_dump_simple.prx 1

      Here is where you can get Neuron’s umd_dump_simple.prx plugin:


      Once the above step is done, simply run the game and then press the note key at the game’s title screen, while a USB cord is attached to your PC and the PSP. The plugin will automatically make the ISO that you can mount as a virtual drive in a Windows OS. Then just copy that ISO file to your computer then unmount the drive pressing the note key again.”

      And with that you can use the ISO with the patch! (Please note that the Ayase version only works with a specific ISO dump, but the full patch will support almost every dump, including ones you make yourself!)

      1. kurosaki147

        I look forward to the full patch release. And thank you for all of the tips on how to do all of this. I wish I knew more Japanese so I could help you guys out with the rest of the process.

      2. kurosaki147

        So just to be completely sure that I have this right. After the UMD is converted into the ISO file, I run the game on the console and hit the note key while the USB cords are still attached. The plugin will make the ISO usable as a virtual drive on the windows OS and I copy the ISO patch file onto the game ISO and unmount it hitting the note key once more and then it should work?

        1. Dizzy Ziddy

          You can patch the game after you obtained the ISO and unmounted the PSP! You don’t need to mount the PSP during the patching process~

  67. Gabby Joshua Felipe

    Ziddy i must be asking a weird question and all but when does the new disc 2 finish, because i tried to do the patch but it always becomes invalid,so i want to do it like the first version,just downloading it with the english version. Tell me soon thank you. 🙂

  68. Marvin

    Ummm… Where can I download the ISO of the oreimo? I downloaded this patch but I remember that I don’t have th actual game.. Please help..

  69. Kurosaki147

    Okay so I may be doing this completely wrong. But now that the psp is unmounted and the ISO is on the computer how do I put the patch on. I go to place the patch onto the ISO file and it doesn’t do anything!

  70. Exalodia

    When Siscaly tournament started , my emulator got force close. Is it a bug ? I patch Ayase route patch with the original Japanese game. It’s success but got some problem.


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  72. CharlesJutty

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