FAQ (Updated 26th October 2014)


Q : When is the next part coming out / When are you finishing X’s route? / When is the patch coming out?

When it’s ready.

Q: What’s the difference between Oreimo PSP and Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku Disc 1?

It’s actually the same game but with added features for Tsuzuku Disc 1!

These features include but not limited to : Voiced Monologues, Tweaked CGs, Extra content (Sena showing up in Akagi IF Route), better Live2D animations.

You can always use the Data Import feature to transfer your Oreimo PSP save to Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku Disc 1!

Q : I can’t read the subtitles in the Closed Captions videos! White clashes with white!

Press the keyboard key ‘B’. It will enable a background for the text.

Q : Why did you start a project for Oreimo/Haganai PSP and on Youtube of all places?

Initial intentions were to do a translated playthrough. At the time, aside from summaries, nobody else was doing it. Also I was lazy to read in Chinese I was using my Prinny videos as a guide and as a result, that’s where it ended up. Unorthodox, I know.

Many people have also messaged me saying that they were using my videos as a guide for their own gameplay on the games they own, which I think is great.

Q : Why aren’t you helping the Oreimo PSP TLWIKI team, starting off your own project instead?

To sum up, the language we are translating from does not match TLWIKI and to prevent any potential mishaps that can occur from editing, we have decided not to assist them unless requested otherwise. One of their Staff even gave us his blessings and wished us the best with our project.

Q: But the Oreimo PSP TLWIKI team has been dead for some time now? Why aren’t you taking over their work?

Many people are against Chinese-English translations. As a result, we will not be taking over the tlwiki translation which is essentially a Japanese-English project. Things can be lost during translation and they would like to minimize that. We respect their wishes. However, we are willing to provide our translations should they have a change of heart.


(26 OCT 14) Please keep in mind that even after transitioning to Japanese-English translations,  it doesn’t feel right for us to lift the translations without their permission. I tried to contact the staff who worked on it to help us and many of them didn’t respond.

Q : Chinese – English translations are horrible! Why are you doing this to Oreimo? It doesn’t deserve this!

Firstly, if you think there are certain things that you find wrong or lacking, feel free to notify us with your criticism so we can fix it. That is assuming that you have watched the videos in the first place…

Next, our way of translating is in a fashion where if we find out that the Chinese text is taking liberties with the source material (‘It’s a good thing, good thing’ instead of ‘And so they lived happily ever after’), we will be editing it based off the Japanese text then.

Also, Oreimo was chosen because we are fans of the show.

The patch is now fully Japanese-English. Relax!

Q : Why not start the project off with Japanese-English then?

At the time, we were lacking in JP-EN translators. So, we worked with what little help we could get. Keep in mind, the majority of the past year spent on OreimoPSP was just 2 people. Myself and Valena. Both of us being Chinese, that was the only logical decision at the time.

Now that we have a Japanese-English translators, we are using the original Japanese scripts as a base and trying to phase out the chinese-english translations if they were inaccurate to begin with.

Q : Any chance of a translation patch? (12/7/2012) (Updated 21/8/2012)

If a hacker is willing to join us, sure! The only reason why we are bound to youtube and video translations is due to our lack of expertise in hacking the games.

I’m sure the people who keep going around saying that youtube translations are the worst thing ever are expert hackers in this field.

And for those who say there are existing tools, some people have tried them and they aren’t exactly perfect (e.g. Game freezes, character limits).

(21/8/2012) – There will be a translation patch, now that we have a team of hackers. (Technical people is a better term though)

Q : Are you guys doing the Oreimo PSP Sequel after you’re done with the first? (26/OCT/2014)

Oreimo Tsuzuku Disc 2 is actually in progress at the same time with Disc 1!

Q : What happened to Haganai PSP?

Dropped because our translator left. We have no plans in continuing it right now.