Feb 03

[OUTDATED] Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku Disc 1 : Kuroneko Route Patch Release

PATCH IS OUTDATED! GO GET http://notcliche.com/ziddy/ayase-route-patch/ !

NOTE : Manami TwoShot scene bugfix implemented. Please get the new patch (Manami Bugfix)!


Please note that the patch should not be distributed together with the game, as stated in the readme. Doing so puts the staff and the project at risk, with the worst case scenario of us shutting the project down.

If you see any websites doing this, please let me know.

Here’s the patch release for the first disc’s Common & Kuroneko Routes! The sequel content will not be touched until we finish the first disc.

The Common Route runs up to the end of the Kyoto Trip, while Kuroneko’s Route takes place after the Kyoto Trip if you have flagged for her route.

To clarify…

Disc 1 : Remastered version of the original first psp game. Re-released with Tsuzuku. Patch goes here.

Disc 2 : Sequel with after stories, continuing from the content of disc 1.

Note that there might still be some bugs present with the patch, but most of it has been resolved since the beta test.

Be sure to check out the readme.txt or the comments section if you have any questions.

Asking something that has already been answered will just lead to us being extremely unhappy with you.

Emulators are not supported, so any potential bugs or issues encountered using them WILL NOT be handled by the team.

http://www.mediafire.com/?k50zk7c38zgqhjr – Patch (Manami Bugfix)

http://www.mediafire.com/?9m7s7c2s9o5mblh – Save File (Optional)

Kuroneko Route Walkthrough (Fan Submission)

 User Submitted Patch Guide @ http://notcliche.com/ziddy/kuroneko-route-patch/#comment-754

Ctrl F, type the Xdelta error code and search for it if you have problems! The comments section helps!


If you are still here for some reason, we are actually recruiting for Editors and JP-EN Translators/TLCs! More details at http://notcliche.com/ziddy/we-are-recruiting/

About the author


The "Jack of All Trades" leader of Rinjinbu Translations. Also the owner of the youtube channel. And a very obvious Kuroneko fan.


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  1. J

    Thank you very much for your hard work on this project 😀

  2. Abrigo

    I get a “invalid checksum” error when I try to patch it. Is there a work around of some sort or a troubleshoot for this?

    1. Ziddy

      Which release are you using the patch with?

      We listed down the version that we are using as base for the patch in the readme, so you can grab that one.

      1. Luna

        hey guys i’m new to this whole thing and i just need help in getting an English patch for the psp game of ore no imouto since i’m thinking of buying the best edition from play-asia. can you guys help me step by step the process of putting an english patch to any of my japanese game sin my psp. please help, i really want to play ore no imouto (the second psp game) in english without the hassle of translating it myself

  3. Chipp12

    Sorry for the offtop but can you say for sure if Haganai translation is dead or not?

    1. Ziddy

      Dropped until further notice as ClaymoreSmiley doesn’t have the time for it anymore.

  4. Shiroisekai

    Thanks for the patch downloading XD

  5. TRone

    Which Firmware i need for this version?

    1. Ziddy

      We don’t have any specifics. If you can’t play the game, try updating it to the latest cfw. http://wololo.net/cfw4dummies/

  6. Michael

    I have pretty much managed to emulate this maxed out on JPCSP but I usually can’t get past the “But…..” said by Kyousuke after the first 5-7 minutes of game.Do you have any idea?

    1. Ziddy

      Could be a problem with the emulator itself, since the game works fine on PSPs. Our patch does not support the emulator, so we can’t help for issues regarding that.

      What I can do is provide a save file that contains the line that follows after the “But…” line, and the next scene.


      1. KuronekoLover

        Ziddy: On this save file there are 4 savegames… which one is the right one?? the first one, perhaps?? 😀

        1. Ziddy

          There is no right one, just go with the save that doesn’t make your game crash.

          1. KuronekoLover

            I just purchased a PSP 3001 and got the patched game to work!! Thanks!! :3 Ganbarimasu!! 😀

  7. Justin

    Emulators are not supported, so any potential bugs or issues encountered using them will not be handled by the team.

    So you expect me to buy a psp and this game for 80 bucks?

    1. Ziddy

      So you are expecting us to fix the issues caused by the emulator itself, when it is an obvious work in progress that doesn’t support every single game?

      1. Justin

        Sorry, I don’t shit goldbricks, apparently like you do.

        1. Molomar

          You’re a dick.

        2. Lemon


      2. Justin

        I’m sorry, that was inappropriate, but in all seriousness, I would love if you could use it on the vita, (since I actually have one) but when I start emulator up all the sound that cums up is the first txt makes a beeping noise and tahts it the intro has no sound or anything no music…… I only got one emulator to work?

        1. Michael

          Really ,dude?That answer was a good answer ,what’s your problem.Also I was just asking.
          I just fixed the first part through some settings but I’ve encountered another error.

          As soon as I get it perfectly working I’ll post here the perfect emulation settings!
          Also ,sorry that i forgot to say thanks Ziddy in the earlier post!

          Thanks dude,I love you!(no gay)

          1. Justin

            No problems here Mike.

  8. nurkay

    İs it full patch. are all texts english ? or just little part english

    1. Ziddy

      The readme answers your question.

  9. Kujou

    I’m sincerely sorry for being an idiot, but i require some help… D;

    I have opened the xdelta UI program and now obviously the patch goes where it says patch, but… This is where i go brain dead, what do i input for the source file (is it the iso file?) and what exactly does it mean by output file?

    Thank you in advance and sorry again for my failure.

    1. Ziddy

      Source would be the iso, while output would be the patched iso, which is up to you to name the file as long as it ends with a .iso

      1. Kujou

        <3 For the fast reply. d(^_^o)

        Sadly, another issue has popped up "xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT"
        I'm pretty sure I did something wrong or maybe not, so I'm a bit clueless.

        Thank you in advance.

  10. Xanxus

    Thanks for your hard work. I am grateful for this patch. Will there be a Kirino patch in this year? I know that there is no release date for the patch but is there a chance that it will be in the near future I mean for releasing the Kirino patch. Sorry for my bad english and thanks again for your hard work.

    1. Ziddy

      Kirino’s patch will likely be released sometime within this year.

  11. AlphaSixNine

    Hmm… getting Checksum error as well. I assume it’s because I’m not using Bahamut release. Unfortunately I can’t find this release anywhere. Anyone can point me out to a torrent of it or something?

    1. AlphaSixNine

      nvm…. found it 10 seconds after I made the post lol

      1. Inferno_flamex

        … … Next time… I’d appreciate it if you could at least link back this ‘site’ that you’ve found…

        Because for the life of me, unlike YOU, I’ve been searching close to an hour and the I’ve only found was oreimo 2 by (Bahamut)…
        And seeing how someone actually came back and posted…

        “Nvm, I found it”…

        … Really pisses me off. You could at least post the link you’ve found it… It wont take more than 10secs to do that either.

        1. Kujou

          Heres the torrent for the game: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=328481

          Have fun d(^_^o) and to the staff of this translation project, keep up the awesome job!

      2. Anon

        It’s not on nyaa, but it can be found on the ‘bay

      3. Anon

        Disregard that last bit, it’s there on nyaa, too. Where are you guys even looking?

  12. Ernovace

    Okay.. This question is more about the game, instead of the release.

    From what I have looked around, there are two OreImo official games?

    What is the difference between the two?

    And which one is your’s?

    1. Ziddy

      The post covers most of it already.

      The first and original game was re-released together with the sequel (second game) as disc 1, with extra stuff added to it. That’s why we are using that as a base.

      Tsuzuku is the bundle pack that contains the remastered original game AND the sequel in two separate discs.

  13. Anon

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god, thanks so much

  14. Kujou

    The checksum error is due to not having the iso released by Bahamut. Took me a while to figure that out. Time to play :D!!!

    And for those who are having that issue: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=328481
    That’s the torrent for the iso of the game.

    Keep up the good work d(^_^o)

    1. mike

      I LOVE YOU !!!

  15. Sela

    Anyone else crashing after Manami’s Twoshot?

    1. Ziddy

      Which scene is it specifically?

      1. Sela

        Right at the start of the game as soon as Manami’s Twoshot ends the game just crashes

        1. Sela

          to add if it helps I’m using a psp 1000 with the latest cfw

          1. Ziddy

            I just reproduced the problem and sent the report over to the technical team.

          2. Sela

            A bit happy that it’s not happening to just me but sad that it will happen to others, Thank you for the fast response

          3. Ziddy

            A new patch has been uploaded that fixes the crash.

  16. nurkay

    sorry but My from turkey I am bad at english can you answer me yes or no

    1. Ziddy

      As stated in the post and the readme, this patch covers only the common and kuroneko route.

      So no, it is not a full patch.

  17. Jon

    To anybody having problems playing this for any reason, here are some ideas of how to fix them.

    1. The only version of the game i could get to patch was the release by BAHAMUT, tried my own .iso rip and a couple other groups, but only BAHAMUT’s version worked.

    2. I had to update my CFW to 6.60 C-fix3. Using 5.50 prome-4 would not run the game, no matter what form of patching i tried.

    I started out not even being able to patch the game, but when i got the BAHAMUT release and updated my cfw all was well.

    Good luck getting it patched everybody and thank you Ziddy for translating! Thought this project died a long while ago, so glad you picked it up!

    1. Ziddy

      After a bit of prodding by another translation group, we decided to port the youtube translations to a patch.

      Glad you enjoyed it, look forward for more to come!

  18. Nahuel

    Hi Ziddy, how are you?

    Well, something strange happened to me after the Tournament finished, when you talk with Kuroneko, she seems sad and you can activate the Tournament Prizes O.R.E.
    When I activate it, and after you hear the confirmation sound, when the next dialogue appears, the game freezes and my PSP restarts.
    I tried 2 more times and the same happened.

    I loaded the game again, loaded my lastest save game, and when I reached that part, I activated Auto-Mode and it worked well 😉 and I could went through that part.

    I’m using PSP Slim 3000 with 6.60 Pro-B

    1. Anon

      I personally had a random crash when pressing triangle right after speech was played back. I couldn’t reproduce it easily though, therefore random.

      1. Ziddy

        We can’t deal with random crashing issues easily, though we acknowledge that they are present.

  19. deadnarwhal

    I just spent the past 4.5 hours trying to upgrade my firmware on my psp phat. I must be stupid, but that another story. This was all in an effort to finally start utilizing the system for homebrew etc etc. And this game was the catalyst. When I saw it I had to play it. I am doing that now after a long morning of TV smashing frustration. So I took a break to say to you and the team that worked on this translation that I am deeply thankful. Deeply grateful. And satisfied that I can play it. You guys (and gals?) most certainly rock the shit out of today and maybe yesterday too(ha I guess you rock this entire month). Thanks. It is appreciated.

  20. Julian_EX

    Got any walkthrough for Kuroneko’s route. Seems that I finish her route after she said ‘thank you’ in comiket event. Is that the real ending?

    1. Ziddy

      The Comiket event is the final scene in her route. However, there are three endings based on how you decide to respond to her question at her home. (What am I to you)

      Remember that not answering is a possible option as well.

      You will get a bonus scene if you manage the best ending.

  21. serafin72

    I have random crashes on few scenes but remember only 1. Scene when they lose game turnament, kirino say “thank you” i say somthing, don’t remember maybe its “yeah”? and now black screen and crash. Need 3 or 4 times replay to pass this.

    1. Ziddy

      I’ll get RoByte to look at it, though due to the nature of random crashes, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact problem.

    2. Ernovace

      I have the same crash at the exact point.

      1. Ziddy

        To confirm the game crashes after Kyousuke’s “…Yeah.” line?

        Or does it crash during the scene transition?

        1. Ernovace

          It crashes after he says yeah, screen goes black and next thing I know, is that my PSP switched off.

  22. serafin72

    Ah, and how long you do common route and kuroneko because i new and want know how long i need wait for others routes. In final patch there be no crashes? they are very annoying:(

    1. Ziddy

      We didn’t really record how long we took, as we had to work on text overflow problems first before even beginning to insert text for kuroneko’s route.

      However, the time taken should be faster than what we took for the first partial patch.

      We aim to release without crash bugs, though some might sneak by without us noticing.

  23. Juan Perez

    I didn’t even know about this translation project until I found it today in VNDB releases.
    Thank you so much for the hard work! Will test it tonight.

  24. SilentSun

    umm sorry for asking… how long does it probably take to translate the 2nd disc? and when is it going to be finished? (i dont mean to offend T_T but i’m also a kuroneko fan and i desperately want it)

    1. Ziddy

      No projected date for the second disc yet, as we are already having trouble trying to finish the first disc with staff disappearing.

  25. blackcat

    Sorry, I have a few questions,

    1)How to get the lovers route? I fnish the happy end but they didn’t become lovers
    2)How to get the scene where Kuroneko is in kyousuke’s room at night, Kuroneko in swimsuit, and cg of Kyousuke carrying kuroneko?
    3)What determine which ORE we get? Eg, for my first playthrough I didn’t get ORE untamed cat

    I’m really confused pls help.. thanks

    1. Ziddy

      Going by the flags at the start of the Kuroneko Route…

      Swimsuit Scene
      – Don’t leave a message on Kuroneko’s answering machine about the souvenirs.
      – Ask Saori about Kuroneko’s [Important Objective].
      – Have a dream about Kuroneko

      Dream about Kuroneko
      – Leave a message on Kuroneko’s answering machine about [Cute Junior].

      Kuroneko Collapsing CG
      – After receiving Daisuke’s (Kyousuke’s Father) advice, perform Twoshot with Kuroneko with the following.
      – O O O X O

      Lovers Scene
      – After the last twoshot in Kuroneko’s route (Am I somebody whose existence isn’t worth worrying about), ignore [The Things I want to do] and ask about [Important Objective]. You will get a bonus scene about the contract kiss if you have done it correctly.
      – You will get the lovers scene after the true end.

      ORE GETs
      – Depending on whether you use OREs or not, you will get the other OREs sometimes.
      – For Untamed Cat, you have to use [My World] when talking to Kirino after the phone call to Akagi.

      Hope that helped.

      1. blackcat

        Thanks! That really help a lot.

  26. KuriGohan and Kamehameha

    Arigatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo x 999999
    I wanted to play this game in english a long time ago and finally a ray of light, please translate the rest of the game T_T and thanks for the route of kuroneko T_T (i’m so happy T_T).


    1. Ziddy

      You’re welcome Christina.

  27. aonosora

    can you provide some guidelines to complete kuroneko route?
    (better if you can provide guidelines in every route that has been translated)
    thx b4!

    1. Ziddy

      In the text file provided with the patch, I have detailed the way to get into Kuroneko’s route, including hints to get to the different endings. (If I remember correctly)

      Perhaps try checking it out?

      1. aonosora

        forgot to look till the last part… :p

        btw, how can i get ORE [cute junior] and [my world]?

        sorry for inconvenience.. ^^;

        1. Ziddy

          Cute Junior – Don’t contact Kuroneko after the Kyoto Trip.
          My World – Use Cute Junior when prompted to contact Kuroneko after the shopping trip.

  28. KuronekoLover

    Otsukaresama desu!! ☆ :3
    Any news from Michael and the “advanced” settings for the PSP emulator?? I just got myself the Jpcsp ver 0.3 rev 1105 and I will try the Bahamut version and the patch. Will post the settings I use, hope it works just fine!! Are you still short of staff?? Maybe I can help as a Editor (My Japanese is not that good, but I know a little) 😀

    ja-ne!! 😀

  29. sean

    I got this to work on jpcsp and it runs kinda choppy but its fine i don’t have sound during the videos namely the god eater video at the start or the start up video. I also have in countered the problem of when ever i try to save after the first two shot at the beginning it gets stuck on pause and i have to restart, its gets stuck on pause during game play as well but i only have to wait a bit and then click run and it runs again please help i really want to play this game. I should also mention that the none patched version works perfectly still choppy though.

    1. Ziddy

      It could be something within the patch that caused the game to break.

      Even the retail PSPs contains a few crash bugs here and there with the current release.

      Unfortunately, as stated above, Emulators are not supported, so any potential bugs or issues encountered using them will not be handled by the team.

  30. Saphirio

    After I downloaded the torrent with your iso, I just get many data’s (look at the pic):
    How can I get the normal iso?
    Sorry if I’m just stupid… xD

    1. Ziddy

      Install 7zip.

      1. Saphirio

        I’ve extracted it with 7zip.
        What should I do with these Rxx-data (e.g. R00-data)?
        I’ve got many of them and if I try to extract them, I just get many damaged iso’s.

        1. Ziddy

          My mistake, try winrar.

          Seems like it is split up into winrar parts, so it should work.

          1. Saphirio

            It still doesn’t work.
            I’ll wait, maybe someday, if the english patch is completed I’ll try it again.

    2. D-Alter

      I think I understand the reason many people getting problem with patching
      bahamut version actually contain 2 sets of data

      b-oi2p1 (disc one)
      b-oi2p2 (disc two)

      reason why people keep on getting “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT” is because they extract the wrong file.
      They should extract and apply the patch on b-oi2p1.iso not b-oi2p2.iso

      1. Revan renaldi

        well, I already use the right iso but it still show that error, any ideas?

  31. MashiyuuhxD

    I have gone in this route What I am to you ?-> No Answer -> Complete the Two Shot (OOOXO) -> Important Objective
    The ending is only a thank you , Can you make a guide into the lover’s ending ?

    1. Ziddy

      That’s odd, as the japanese wiki says that’s the correct sequence of events to get the happy ending.

      Did you get the dream with Kuroneko and the Infirmary scene?

  32. joeykatsuya

    hey, could you provide me the completed game (all omake available) save data, coz i’m suck at making decision,
    the best i could play is the “Thank You” ending, anyway thank you for this patch

  33. king

    how to patch this game always say “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT”?

    1. KuronekoLover

      you must patch the Bahamut version. Get it here:


      have a nice one!! :3

      1. king

        tnx…now i know

  34. GGGGGG29

    hey man im here just to express my thanks to the team and hope that you finish translating this game once again thanks and GOOD WORK to everyone……… minna gambate!!!!!!!!

  35. SilentSun

    idk why its either something went wrong but the manami bugfix patch doesnt work…. so what i simply did is download the bahamut version of the game patch it with the manami bugfix patch thingy but still got the bug when its the two shot manami scene

  36. greedisgood

    prxshoot plugin crashing the game , any recommendation plugin for screenshoot?

  37. Alejandro

    thanks for the patch 😀

  38. hikalu

    I had followed all of ziddy’s walkthrough (and hints) but howerver I tried I still could only get the good ending!
    Ziddy, could you please make a more detailed guide please?

    And I don’t know what’s OOOXO means? Square X 3 + Not Answer + Square?

    1. Ziddy

      It’s hard for me to track what decisions you made throughout the game, but maybe try following the youtube videos?

      If it still doesn’t work, it could be a patch problem.

      O means answering while X means not answering. Keep in mind that this is used in the japanese wikis as well, so I am just following their notations.

  39. hikalu

    Thank you for replying my comment, Ziddy.
    I have followed your guide since the Trip, got Cute Senior( and all of the other needed O.R.E like “My world”, ect…) asked Saori about “Important objective) and the dream about her, but I couldn’t trigger the swimsuit scene eventhough I had already done all of the three task in your guide. So was the special collapsing Kuro-neko CG ( I have done exactly as your guide told).

    Thought having all the needed Ore was enough for me to reach the happy end but unfortunately, I was wrong. I can only trigger the good end ( Or some of the alternative endings). So, I was thinking if there is a problem with the patch or I really need smt before going to Kuro-chan route.
    Sorry for babbling too much but I still want to ask Ziddy (or anyone who is kind enough to answer me) smt:
    1. Are the other 2shot answers (except the ones in your guide) not important? (I found not answering in the final 2shot lead me to an alter end)
    2. Are my answers and O.R.E choices before Kuro-chan route not important as long as I trigger her route?
    3.Are there more requirements for me to trigger Kuro-chan happy ED? Smt like doing Kirino route first, ect…? ’cause I think I’ve heard about something similar (Ayase route I think).
    4. Is there anyone who managed to get Kuro-chan happy ending using a clean start (and this patch)?
    Thank you very much and sorry for my bad English ’cause it’s not my main language.

    1. Ziddy

      Hey there. I’ll try to answer these to the best of my abilities.

      1) The other twoshot answers I presume are important, as the game tracks some choices in her route itself.
      2) As long as her route is triggered, you can do whatever you want in the common route.
      3) Kuroneko’s happy ending can be triggered without any other route completions, as I did that one first in the youtube videos.
      4) I presume it is possible, as I held beta tests for the patch and someone got it.

  40. dontknow

    I cant even trigger the swimsuit event or the dream :X
    I really need a detailed walkthrough xD

    1. Ziddy

      There’s a japanese one that lists the ORE you are supposed to use and the specific twoshot order of answers. http://masterwiki.net/oreimo-game/?%B9%F5%C7%AD%A5%EB%A1%BC%A5%C8

  41. EAD

    Hey Ziddy, I sort of have a problem with my game (It’s maybe the patching), but some part of the game is left untranslated especially Manami’s route. Just to let you know that when I was using xdelta UI to patch the game, it wouldn’t respond when I click “patch” and then it would say that it “successfully” patched it after it responds. I don’t know if that affects it, but it still haven’t made a difference when I went for a second attempt to patch the game. Anyway, I was able to patch the game. It’s just that there are untranslated parts still in the game. Thanks. BTW nice YouTube Channel.

    1. Ziddy

      Manami’s Route in the Common Route is translated though.

      Only Kuroneko’s Route is translated.

      1. EAD

        Hey Ziddy, it’s me again. So I re-patched the game (Oreimo Disc 1) and still haven’t found the key in solving my problems with the game. To be more specific, somewhere in the beginning of the game, Kyosuke just got back from the school trip to Kyoto. That dialog when Kyosuke just got back and it also featured Manami’s dialog is the untranslated part in which my game is experiencing. I tried to patch the game a few more times, but it still failed to show progress. Is it possibly the patching? Or is it the patch itself?

        1. Ziddy

          Anything that is after the Kyoto Trip is outside of the Common Route.

          Any untranslated text at that point means you have flagged for a different heroine, only Kuroneko’s Route is translated.

          1. EAD

            Oh okay. Thanks

  42. Paragon4696

    Hi there!
    I got a problem with the installer :/

    I’m getting following error with any release of OreImo (including BAHAMUT)

    xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

    I’m not THAT good with computers, as you might know already^^

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Ziddy

      What did you do exactly…?

  43. DarkAngel

    Hello !
    I have a problem with the game.
    I used the patch but it is normal that the game is still in Japanese ?

    1. EAD

      It is normal because the patch only translate the route for Kuroneko. So basically not the whole game is translated. Maybe in the future. Hopefully.

  44. Zack

    Im having the same problem as Saphirio. The folder is just filled with RAR files and .rxx files, i have no idea what to do with them. How do i just get the ISO?

  45. jomkingal

    Thanks for this Translation Rinjinbu! 🙂 I will try the patch later. haha! I hope I could contribute to translating this game in the future. Gonna study how to first. haha! Anyway, good luck on translating the other routes! 🙂 Ja ne~ 🙂

  46. Dalton

    So if i get the game on my vita, will the patch still work? or will it only work if i use a psp?

    1. Ziddy

      As in, buying the game through PSN?

      Probably not, as the patch release currently works with a very specific ISO dump of the game.

      It could change in the future though.

      Unless you have the exploit to access PSP games through the vita, then the patch will work.

  47. EAD

    Hey Ziddy, it’s me again. I have a curious question for you. I know that there is a patch for Kuroneko’s route, but in the future, will there be a patch/patches for the translation of the whole game? I was just wondering by the way.

    1. Ziddy

      Yes, there will be future patches.

      Fun fact, we currently have Kirino and Ayase routes completely translated. We just need someone to look through them before we can put them in patch format.

      1. cmgarcia

        I’ll give it a try if you want.

      2. Asael

        I just wanted to say that I really look forward to these patches and that I really appreciate what you guys are doing!

  48. Dekomori

    I just downloaded this and thank you really, I’m also a Ruri fan so it makes it even better.
    I hope the others patches will come soon.

  49. Raymond

    Well, do you have the download link for the bahamut version? I downloaded a bahamut version, but it seems i can only play it on emulator. I can’t patch it or use it with my psp 3000. Thanks 🙂

  50. aolas

    I still didn’t get how to patch it…=.=

    so I need to run the xdeltaUI.exe right…?
    then which tab I must use, the apply patch or create patch one…?
    and I must put the xdelta.exe as a patch right…?

    1. jomkingal

      – Open xdeltaUI.exe
      – in the Apply Patch tab, Open the oreimo-kuroneko.patch file for the Patch section. Be sure to set xdelta patch drop-down list to All Files.
      – Open the OreImo Disc 1 ISO(Bahamut Release) for the Source File Section.
      – For the Output file, click once the Original ISO and ADD the word “Patched” without quotation marks before the “.iso” extension. then click SAVE.
      – Click the Patch button and wait until finished. It should display a message box. 🙂
      – The ISO file with the “Patched” word is the Kuronyan Patched File. 🙂 Enjoy!

      1. aolas


  51. Zackarov

    Ziddy, can you make full guide in readme.
    cause i’m suck in making choise…. -_-

  52. RockBoyShooter

    Thanks for the previously patch guys! Cant wait for the Kirino and Ayase routes :3

  53. RaiToXaNGeL

    Thank You Very Much!!!
    been looking for english patch!!!
    arigato gozaimasu!!!
    you're a life saver!!!!

    1. RaiToXaNGeL

      oh and 1 more thing it didnt work, i downloaded the 1 in torrent and patched it then an error popped up, like paragon4696’s problem its not my 1st time patching a psp game, and im a bit experienced with psps

  54. Jamashinai

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if this works on the chinese patched version of the game?

    1. Ziddy

      Trying to patch over an already patched game can only lead to disaster.

  55. anonymous tomodachi

    thanks for your hard work > _ < . really enjoyed playing kuroneko's route ( as she is my favorite char in the series) . Any idea when Ayase and Kirino's route would be released?

  56. just another anonymous

    Hey Ziddy, thank you for the patch btw
    and does random crash is normal for the patch? and if it is, do you have any solution for it? or i just have to save for times to times

    1. Ziddy

      Random crashes are indeed “normal” for this patch release. We do recommend saving constantly before making choices, that way you will be able to get back to where you were quickly if such a thing happens.

      1. just another anonymous

        and… I did choose the “Important objective” at the end… but i didn’t get the True end.. ( where Kuroneko and Kyousuke became a couple )
        Some help please ? 😀

  57. Jonathan

    I know its kind of late but i was wondering when any of the other character were going to get patched

    1. Ziddy

      Kirino’s up next.

  58. derek

    for some reason when i add the patch it doesnt save as a iso but just as a file?

    1. Ziddy

      Forgot to input the file extension?

  59. asd

    What must i fill at output file ??

  60. CXu

    I have no idea where to even post this so I’m just going to post it here:

    Pretty early in the game, Kyousuke says to himself that “I’m no longer in my second year, I’m a third year already! Being influenced by these people, it’s lke my normal life has been eroded away by electric waves!” (It’s just after you get to know about the siscaly tournament).

    He’s saying “Chuuni” as in middle school, 2nd year and “Kousan” as in high school, 3rd year. The “Chuuni” is also a reference to “Chuunibyou” as he’s making this comment in relation to how he feels like he’s playing a game.

    Anyhow, I really appreciate the effort done here! I only began playing the game just now, though.

    Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work!

    1. Ziddy

      Thanks for the feedback! We will be reviewing that line in question.

      Alternatively, you can drop by our IRC Channel if you’d like an immediate response.

  61. HMM333

    downloaded from nyaan and tried to patch but it always says: checksum mismatch.
    Folder name of the iso is: Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_Portable_2_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUT
    with the isos name being: b-oi2p2.iso

    I dont know what to do anymore i just cant patch it

    1. Ao_Otaku16

      I used the same torrent, but there are another .rar file there. b-oi2p1.rar … I used the b-oi2p1.iso file and successfully worked for me :))
      Thanks a lot for the english patch! I’m starting the game now ^_^

  62. SonataFanatica

    Somehow, even after applying your newest patch, the game still freezes at the beginning of the Manami TwoShot…

    1. SonataFanatica

      Well… that’s strange, but it worked now.
      I saved the game right before Manami’s TwoShot.
      The game froze just at the beginning of Manami’s TwoShot again, and the PSP turned itself off.
      So I started the PSP again, loaded up the savegame and that time it worked.

      Anyway, thanks for the awesome translation!

      1. Ziddy

        That’s the problem with bugs like that, we can’t really pinpoint the cause of it.

        Thanks for sharing your experience though!

  63. tj4real

    let me just say… you guys are the best!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work, me and i’m pretty sure a lot of oreimo fans are very pleased. i’m really happy kuroneko’s route was done first! her being one of my favs!(can’r choose between her and manami though). I had fun going all through her endings, happy i finally got to her true ending! XD
    Can’t wait for Manami’s route to be translated. :3
    i already played her route up until the kyoto trip. XD
    anyway, more power to you guys! keep up the good work. 🙂

    btw, i did notice some crashes whenever i picked a scene in the scene list in the omake. Unless that’s just me. XD

  64. s124jd3

    jpcsp v. 0.6 2326 seems to be okay with this game.

  65. HMM333

    So can really no one help me?

    1. jomkingal

      Patch b-oi2p1.iso not b-oi2p2.iso Okee?~

      1. HMM333

        Thanks to all those archives I totally missed out that there were two different Images xD
        I thank you so much jomkingal for saving me here xD

  66. Eric

    Hi I just downloaded the game and applied the patch but when I open it on my psp, it pops up a red then black screen it turns off. Any advice? 😉

    1. jomkingal

      i guess you need to update to pro cfw. i think you’re still using 5.50 prom or gen? 🙂

  67. XIII

    do this game can play with pc if had please let me know the link emulator or program so i can played this,, onegai +,+

  68. aze

    why does it hang when the siscaly tounament is finished(kuroneko route)??

  69. JQproduction

    Hey, just wondering. When will the Ayase route patch be released??? 🙁 Anyway, thx so much for translating this 😀 You’re everyone’s hero

  70. Kazuma

    thank you very much for this patch. can you inform me if you have a new patch please?

  71. Kazuma

    sorry about the double post. I wish I could help you translate but I don’t even understand japanese, anyway thanks for the patch.

  72. Warlock

    Guys, for those who are using the emulator, type the jpcsp or ppsspp, if you have problems with the font, use this one: http://www.mediafire.com/?bb4d5dbl3t8y21u. Do not forget to rename the file to null.rar. After extracting, just put the font in the fonts folder of the emulator. With that solves the problem of font.

  73. Baltazar

    Psp emulators are sucks 90% games that i try to run not working crashes or don’t have sound!!

    1. Warlock

      I disagree. Since you know properly configure the emulator, most games will work without problems. Oreimo works 100% in jpcsp, both the audio with the video too. Still does not work correctly with Oreimo is ppsspp, the audio it still does not work.

  74. weejus

    I seem to be getting consistent crashes after the Siscaly tournament. The first one happened when I got to Manami’s house, and the rest keep happening as they are heading back from the tournament. It doesn’t seem to be triggered by using either skip or normal clicking through messages.

  75. Black Angel

    Hello, I’d just like to say thank you so much for translating this game, especially starting with Kuroneko’s route <3. I've literally fantasized about her all the time ever since the light novels came out, and don't even get me started on the anime. This obsession led me to stumble onto this translation and I literally exploded with happiness when I saw that Kuroneko's route had been patched. Arigato Gozaimasu!!!!! You made my day :).

  76. JunNagasee

    uhh .. can someone post tutorial for me ? i patch just got 11mb file .. >_< im noob here

    1. JunNagasee

      ohh .. i can patch now .. xD thanks

  77. Bakano

    Thanks for all the work you guys are doing for this game <3 Big fan of the anime series and now I can get into the psp game with my favorite character's route! I need to get a copy of this game pronto 😀

  78. loneboyXD

    Hello, I would just like to say that I keep getting a pop-up window which says “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT”

    I put “oreimo-kuroneko-0.2.12.patch” in the Patch section, the ISO in the Source, and put “E:\PatchedIso.iso” in Output. Could you please tell me if I’m doing anything wrong? 🙁 I really wanna play this game already T-T

    1. loneboyXD

      Nevermind. It seems I used the wrong ISO. I am sorry for my stupidness. :3

  79. Light Bringer

    Patching Guide as of 5/22/2013
    Felt bored, feel like people don’t get the gist of patching so here we go.
    since i cant use any html img codes here puush links will have to do

    Step one: UNzip the Patch file from Ziddy


    Step Two: Extract it


    Step Three : select the delta file


    Step Four: Select the patch & be sure to change the file type to ALL files


    Step Five: Select the ISO


    Step Six : Saving the game & it is also CRUCIAL to rename it .iso MANUALLY


    Moderators please delete my first post thank you ^_^

    1. Ziddy

      I approve of this, including the questionable output filename.

    2. Beast1996

      I finish all of this but when i mount the out put file, DAEMON tools lite give a message: error in command line. But there is still a BD-ROM Drive in the computer. when i open it there is a PSP_Game folder and a UMD_DATA.BIN file. What now

    3. Homuhomu

      out of topic but, that background has really caught my interest

    4. MJWreck

      Im new but WHERE do you get the original game??

      1. MJWreck

        Actually nevermind, i found that out 😀

        1. Aaron Paul Custodio

          how do you find it,,icant find it,,

    5. Koriyoshi

      I have a problem. xdeltaUI won’t make ISO file. What I should do?

    6. Shadowfyre

      Well I just patched the ISO and it the file type came out as “File”. Well what do I do with that?

      1. Ziddy

        First of all, you should be using the Ayase Route Patch, as it is the latest.

        Next, be sure to put a .iso at the end of your patched iso filename.

    7. Decimo Zal

      where do u get the iso file,, im download the game at torrent and it was full of winrar file,,so i was clueless of where to find the iso file,, i had already unzip the b-oi2p1 n 2 file,, but there was only disc file in there.. plez help me

      1. Sammee123

        Hello sir! You can extract the entire contents of the Winrar files by opening it up in Winrar, and then double clicking the first rar file in the list!

        1. Mike Chatzialexiou

          i did it but still i can overcame it have an error :/
          xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

  80. Todoroki

    Great work Ziddy! Been following you for just about half a year now. Appreciate everything you and your team have done! Can’t wait for my precious Ayase route hehe!

  81. Kirito12

    Does everything need to be in the desktop?

    1. Ziddy

      Entirely your choice.

  82. KuriGohan and Kamehameha

    When a text don’t fit in a only text square the voice plays twice. Any chance of withdraw that?

    1. Ziddy

      Usually the voice only plays once though, in cases of text overflow.

      What is the line in question that you are experiencing this problem?

      1. KuriGohan and Kamehameha

        Only the lines at the start of the game, all the lines before the GEB video and some lines after, probably.

  83. malinginsane

    Good luck translators, i really excited for the next patch, i will wait patiently and gives you my full support for this project.
    many thanks !!

  84. adrenaline91

    Dear translators, I patched the bahamut release b-oi2p1.iso and I get crashes on my PSP 1004. PPSSPP on Windows seems to be able to run it. My PSP crashes immediately after I press X to launch the game. It freezes at the black screen after the PSP logo and the PSP shuts down, so it doesn’t enter the game. I disabled all my plugins. What could be causing this?

    1. Ziddy

      Try updating your firmware using the wololo cfw4dummies guide.

      1. adrenaline91

        Thanks a lot Ziddy, I updated my firmware from 5.50 to 6.60 and now it works 🙂

  85. Kazuya Yuki

    I want to translate your english patch into german so please can you tell me what i need and what i have to do?
    i know it is hard work but i realy want it.

    Kazuya Yuki

    1. Ziddy

      Not while the patch is still incomplete.

      Do ask us again when we have completed the full patch.

      1. Kazuya Yuki

        Ok. do you know when you will complete it? in 1or 2 years or so?

  86. Izz

    Problem… I downloaded everything but I can’t patch it OTL
    I have many “b-oi2p1” but I don’t have the ISO!
    If I try to patch, it says “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT”

    1. Izz

      ….wait, now it says “source file too short”

    2. jomkingal

      try extracting using winrar. 🙂

  87. Heathclives

    Thank you for the patch! Perfectly working well! Good luck with the rest

  88. Hakuno

    Clicking the ‘patch’ button, it gave this error…http://www.propagedesign.com/postingimages/easybcd.jpg
    Any ideas how to solve this?

    1. Ziddy

      Wow, I have no idea what that error is about. That’s the first time I’ve seen it.

      1. Hakuno

        Sorry, my bad. The error is not actual but it looks somewhat similiar. The contents reads “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.”

        1. Light Bringer

          Try Updating your NET FIRMWARE.

  89. Unfortunate

    I can confirm the crash immediately after the Siscaly tournament’s prizes are handed out. It happens right after the screen fades to black after this screen: http://i.imgur.com/E4I26lu.png

    PSP completely turns off, and I have not been able to get past that part at all.

    1. Ziddy

      Could you give us more information regarding this crash?

      What’s your psp model?
      CFW revision?
      The exact steps taken after launching the game to encounter this patch, so we can try to replicate it?

      1. Unfortunate

        Sure thing.

        Silver PSP 3000, running 6.60, flashing “660 PRO-B Fast Recovery” (to enable CFW) via SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo (4GB). Device is in great condition, never dropped. Memory stick also has Persona 3 Portable and PSPdisp v0.6 on it. It’s worth noting I also have “PRXShot v0.2.4.” as a screenshot software, but I only took screenshots after the crash first happened (which is how I managed to get that screenshot on imgur in my first post). “PRXShot v0.2.4” is running off of PRO VSH, which came with it.

        Launching the game right off the Memory Stick, I have a save just prior to the crashing scene. I load it up, and press O to advance, and the screen fades to black (to load the next portion I assume). However, the device is then unresponsive when the screen becomes fully black (but still lit), and not even the Home button works. After approx. 6 seconds, the system shuts down. I must then use the power button, and the system turns on as thought it was fully powered off. Since I flash CFW and don’t have it hard-coded, the CFW is disabled until I activate “660 Pro-B Fast Recovery” again.

        I have also tried playing from the save included in the original post of this article, and held down R to advance to that same scene. When getting there, I press O to move past the screen just prior to the crash, screen fades to black, and game crashes.

        1. Ziddy

          We were unable to replicate the crash bug with the steps listed.

          Could you tell us exactly step by step what you did (Twoshot responses, OREs used)? Does deleting the save data and starting from fresh trigger the same bug?

          1. Unfortunate

            I didn’t miss a single two-shot in any of my runs, and for the OREs, I tried different combinations each time. Since it’s pretty early in the game, it did not take long to try each route and see if I would still crash. Unfortunately, it crashed at all times. I even tried formatting the memory stick, and placing a newly patched ISO on it, running it, and it would still crash.

            Could be just me, who knows?

  90. Arvan

    I cant seem to open the delta file =. what to do?? i already dowloaded the game and it works properly but i cant patch the eng trans =.=

  91. RedRabbit

    Just curious, but will the next patch release be one that covers just one route or will we be waiting until the entire game is fully translated?

    1. Ziddy

      Dear Saori.

      The next patch will be Kirino’s route.

      Look forward to it.

      1. RedRabbit

        Thanks for the info. I greatly appreciate the work you guys do…de gozaru (@ω@)

  92. Noob,Anon

    uhmm, why doesn’t my Disc 1 of the Oreimo game have an ISO file? i DL’ed thishttp://www.emuparadise.me/Sony_Playstation_Portable_ISOs/Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konna_ni_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_-_Portable_ga_Tsuzuku_Wake_ga_Nai_(UMD_Disc_1)_(Japan)/158900-download

    then extracted it. but no ISO file in either disc 1 or 2. 1st time doing this. sorry.

    1. Patapon

      Search the link of the game in this thread and you will find a torrent

  93. Christian Garcia

    when will the next patch be released? (rough estimate)

  94. Cakecicle

    So it crashed after Siscaly then i tried loading my save at the start of Kuroneko’s twoshot(near the end of Siscaly), not doing anything but skipping and i got past it.
    Using a PSP 1000 with 6.60ME 1.8, haven’t tried out anything else other than 6.60 Pro-C2 by fast recovery that didn’t work on my save after the twoshot.

  95. Tim

    I think its really sad that you dropped the Haganai Project but im so much more grateful for this patch your awesome. I hope you can get enough Translators and People for Disc 2, so it doesnt take so long.
    Best Wishes from Germany

  96. JW

    Ziddy, how come my psp crashes when I run the game? It’s on 5.50 prometheus

    1. Ziddy

      Update your CFW.

      1. Mister

        whats the latest firmware? and what firmware did you use when you developed this patch perfectly?

  97. Alec

    I’ve tried the game for a moment and i’d just like to tell you, NICE JOB. I sincerely love every members of this team for sharing this wonderful game with us. Can’t stop crying out of laugh when i hear kyousuke’s voice.

  98. lightingcloud

    I’ve got almost all Kuroneko’s endings but all of a sudden my PSP freezes whenever the games load between scenes. I think I changed nothing since yesterday, when freezes were rare.

    Any ideas? I’m on a PSP-1000 with 6.60 ME-1.8 and the game is on my MS but not installed.

    1. lightingcloud

      Solved by turning off the auto-save feature.

  99. Billy

    I wanna thank you and your team soooo much for translating this, even though its just route. I bought a PSP Go 4 years ago and really had no use for it until now. I was able to get everything to run smoothly and your directions are easy to follow. Although, since I was new to CFW I had to find that out from Youtube but everything else was all good :). Looking forward to the next patch. It has been forever since I played a Visual Novel and of course, I always end up with the bad ending first lol. Thanks again!

  100. lightingcloud

    My bad, I didn’t thank you all.
    Well, thank you guys. I’m the happiest person in the world thanks to your work. Especially ’cause I love Ruri.

    Now, if someone ever were to release a patch for the Suzumiya Haruhi’s PSP VN I’d be even more happy. 😛

  101. Blah

    For some reason the mediafire link isn’t loading for me. :/

    1. Ziddy

      The link isn’t down, it still works.

      1. Blah

        Sorry, yep it works for me now and thank you! 😀

  102. Shiro

    At first my ISO file didnt show up on my PSP, but thanks to Lights little guide, it worked out 😉 (I didnt put .iso at the end when I saved) Now I will buy the game to support the makers and if possible I wouldnt mind donating abit money to you guys for this awesome work!

  103. Revan renaldi

    I got this bug saying “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT” any ideas how it might happen? also can you please give a howto? maybe I screwed up somewhere. Sorry for bad english

  104. Zenakuism

    Hello, I seem to have encountered some errors. I forgot which route they belonged to, and I can’t seem to find my PSP anywhere but I hope you’ll find it.

    Don’t worry, it’s just the picture, the problem sentence here is “It seems I can’t *complete* by the competition’s deadline if this goes on.” I think it’s the part after Kuroneko passes out.

    Here, “Of course I am *?*”

    And lastly, I’m not sure about this.

    Oh and, I was experiencing random crashes, I have a PSP 3000 brite on a 6.60 Pro-C fix 3. Every time I used the “Fast Recovery”, the game would crash where it previously crashed. So I had to do the “Update” then press “x” thing instead and I was able to skip that crash point. I’d try my best to help out, keep up the good work guys! Love your work! Can’t wait for Ayase’s route :3

    1. Ziddy

      Thanks for pointing out the problems. We are already planning to TLC/Edit Kuroneko’s Route once more, which is why it’s taking us this long to release the Kirino Patch.

      As for the portion with Kirino (the scene where Kyousuke borrows her laptop), the emoticons were included in the original and therefore left in as well.

  105. osz

    Thanks for the hard work! Gotta wait for the other routes 😀

  106. Zenakuism

    Hi Ziddy, I recently just made a .txt walkthrough for the Kuroneko’s route based on your youtube videos. With your permission, please allow me to post it here on your website. Thank you.

    I’ll just leave this here.

    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for Ayase :3

    1. Ziddy

      Sure, I’ll add it into the post.

  107. Beast1996

    I know that this will be a stupid question but i am new with all of this. So i finished downloading the patch and extract it. However i don’t know what to do next. Pls help

  108. Beast1996

    Finish all of what i can do. But what now, the out file, everytime i open it with DAEMON Tools lite there is a message appear that says: Error in command line, from DAEMON tools lite, plz help

    1. Beast1996

      Actually after i mount the output file, there is this BD-ROM Drive that is 1.4 Gb. But the only thing i can do is to open it, with 1 files UMD_DATA.BIN and a folder PSP_GAME. I think i am going the right way, but what next? Where can i install the game and all? plz help

      1. Abi91

        This is a PSP game, NOT PC. If you want to play it on windows use emulators, but expect bugs.

  109. Hugo

    hello, everytime I try to translate the Oreimo iso I downloaded from the following error:


    why it can not complete the installation of the patch, so if anyone knows how to solve it’ll be very grateful.

  110. Lynx

    I am going crazy i cant figure this out i keep getting the same fail messege over and over ive been at it fora few hours now i really need help so if a admin or some sort of god can help me plz i am in desperate need of help

    1. Abi91

      You need the Bahamut release of OreImo Tsuzuku disc 1. Search the net for .iso with Bahamut in name, I think sonyisos has it.

      1. Pouki90

        Yeah, i have the same problem x:

      2. goldenguy43

        link please

  111. Ayase_Fan

    I am still patiently for ayase complete route to be released 🙂

  112. Forte

    hi.i want to know list of oreimo psp games and wich is already translated.

  113. Warlock

    Update 2:, here’s all the original fonts of the PSP. Enjoy.

  114. Retard

    I am alittle bit retarded so please someone tell me where is the download button

  115. Retard

    I am alittle bit retarded so please someone tell me where is the download button ?!

  116. Az_Im

    do i need to have CFW for my PSP to play this?

    1. Ziddy

      Yeah, you definitely need it.

  117. YoungBlazeP

    Hello, I have a problem.
    I don’t know what to do next after downloading the patch and oreimo from this site <a href="http://www.nyaa.se/?page=torrentinfo&tid=328481&quot;
    I need a list of thorough instructions on what to do next, reply asap please and thank you

    1. Ziddy

      Read the post. All you ever need to get started is all there.

  118. Yamineko

    I don’t really know how to thank you, it’s a dream come true! Yesterday i watched the OVA of the second season of the anime and today i find this site randomly, everything is fine, i’ve only encountered the famous crash after the tournament and solved after about 20 tentatives, i’m trying to replicate it in order to find the solution for everyone trapped into this one, but if i load the preveously save it crash again, we’ll see..

  119. Zalgo

    I completely forgot about this until watching the OVA’s, I can not enjoy the best girl (ruri of course) winning!

    Can’t wait for it to be all done!

  120. Gu1tarmaster

    I downloaded the torrent from http://www.nyaa.se/?page=torrentinfo&tid=328481 , and when i go to open the file it comes in winrar files no Iso. http://i.imgur.com/ahN9Nhe.png I’ve tried extracting b-oi2p1.rar and when i would patch it the translation wouldn’t go through. I would also try extract b-oi2p1 files here. patch again did not work….

    1. Gu1tarmaster

      Lol i just noticed what i did wrong lol sorry.

  121. Noyoya

    xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch xd3_invalid_input. i don’t know. why? help me please

  122. Yukichan

    Thank you very much Ziddy for your hardwork translating this. I love yah! But will there be an ayase patch within this year or maybe sometime in the near future, i’ll also be happy to be informed when. But I really appreciate your hard work! :3

  123. jm

    Please help I’m on linux even using wine the xdeltaui doesn’t open

    1. Ziddy

      You might want to use https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdelta3 instead.

      Run it using -dfs OreimoDisc1Here.iso oreimo-kuroneko-0.2.12.patch OutputFilenameHere.iso

      No idea if that’ll work but give it a shot.

      1. jm

        ok thank you but it says -dfs it says XDELTA: UNRECOGNIZED COMMAND

  124. jm

    Oh I see if you are on linux you must install mono
    $sudo apt-get install mono-complete
    but it crashes when you apply the patch please help

    1. Ziddy

      Unfortunately I can’t assist beyond Windows since I don’t actually use Linux. Try looking up xdelta linux and see if you find anything useful.

      1. jm

        well I’ll just find the charger for my father’s laptop then use it

  125. jm

    After patching it when I got on the video that they are playing it crashes using ppsspp

    1. jm

      well I used the save file and fixed it but it crashes when saving

  126. Makara

    I’m hating to do this, but I have to ask you guys. Sorry for that.
    I have downloaded via torrent, extracted into b-oi2p2.iso and extracted the patch files as well. I put the ” oreimo-kuroneko-0.2.12.patch ” file in the “Patch”, the ” b-oi2p2.iso ” in the “Source File” and wrote the third as ” …\Desktop\oreimo-patched.iso “. Just as said in the comments. But if I start patching, I get the messege ” xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT ”

    Im not an expert, but could be something wrong with my source file?

    1. Ziddy

      Yes, you are using the wrong disc.

      1. Makara

        Thanks for the quick response and sorry for that baka-question. It themes to work now 😀

  127. Ted

    Ooh thank you so much :3 i don’t have money for PSP and I’m not Japanese so I have only emulator and you wrote that emulators is not supported but it runs great. And patching is very intuitive. I didn’t need any instruction. Thank you 🙂

    1. Honsen

      Just wondering, what emulator are you using, ’cause I woud like to be able to use to play the patched game on my emulator too. ^^

    2. bakmi44

      hi, ted.
      how do you apply the patch? im using an emulator as well. please help.

      1. bakmi44

        i forgot to mention im not using bahamut release as base.. so what do i do? what’s the source file.. i dont have the .iso file as source…

  128. Kyousuke

    ` Thanks thanks thanks ^____^

    but after a School trip, and kyousuke got home, the message is japanese not english , how will i solve it?!?

    Thanksss!! more power!!!!!!!

    1. Mnemonic

      i think you got the IF route~ well its still not patched i think, the two routes patched are kuroneko route (thank god am a rurixkyousuke fanatic) and common route..

  129. Kyousuke

    ` i thought its kirino route because kyousuke will give meruru souvenirs for kirino

  130. Mnemonic

    i got some questions.

    can i patch the game if its in rar?
    since i am downloading moonkill2011’s iso (link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99-GEXlE8n0)
    if so. how do i do it?

    1. Mnemonic

      after sleeping and reading upper comments.
      lemme try bahamut files… ill post more if some problems occur

      1. Mnemonic

        which rar file do i use to extract the files from bahamut?

        there are a lot of b-oi2p1 there

  131. Luna

    hey guys i’m new to this whole thing and i just need help in getting an English patch for the psp game of ore no imouto since i’m thinking of buying the best edition from play-asia. can you guys help me step by step the process of putting an english patch to any of my japanese game sin my psp. please help, i really want to play ore no imouto (the second psp game) in english without the hassle of translating it myself.

  132. smasht

    why when I arrive on the scene “aragaki ayase appears” from that moment if I save my psp crashes?

  133. muzzletgh

    Ziddy, how do I solve the xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT?

  134. Paildry

    i can´t patch the iso i get everytime ” xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT ” .

    i downloaded the iso from Bahamut and tried the tutorial above to patching many times but it doesnt work 🙁

    please help me or please upload somewhere the patched iso 🙁

  135. Paildry

    finally patched 🙂 i used 3 different oreimo iso and one of them worked

    1. Jm Toralba

      Could you send the link where you found that one Iso file

  136. Wolfzen

    When I’m at the part when Kuroneko *spoiler (maybe)* loses the tournament, and after a while it crashes my PSP 2000.

    1. Ziddy

      Could you give us the steps to recreate this crash?

      i.e If we follow your step by step directions, we should be able to encounter this crash bug. (Of course, that means you should be able to recreate it yourself)

      1. Alexis Sama

        kuroneko route
        psp 3001
        save the game after losing the tournament and load it.

        muchas gracias por su travajo =)

  137. Gray Pazcoguin

    where can I download the english version of the game? I can’t read japanese sorry

  138. Icouldbeanyone

    Hello,i got problem here.after i patched the game,there are no sounds when i played it.why?and how to fix it?

    1. Icouldbeanyone

      sorry i mean no voice 😀

  139. Jaiz

    How to put this game on my PSP? Do i need to have an Original copy game from PC?

  140. Gab

    Please help.. I can’t download the ” oreimo_psp_kuroneko_patch_bugfix.zip ” on mediafire

    can somebody send me the file on my email ?


    Thanks in advance ^ ^

    1. Gab

      Please send it to my alt email :


  141. Dimas

    I have one question..
    how can i open kirino route ?
    first i play this game without “kuroneko walkthrough” i always ends up in IF Route… –”
    So please tell me how can i open kirino route …….

  142. Dimas

    What i mean is,there are someone have a walkthrough like “kuroneko walkthrough”
    It’s really hard to watch all video on youtube to finish all route.
    Please tell me if you find one..
    Thanks before.

  143. Zythe

    I check this site every few weeks always hoping that there will be a new patch. And finally we got it, yay! Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this project.

  144. mhondzz


    i used the kirino patch, can i overwrite that path to kuroneko? or when i patch kuroneko, is it possible that kuronekos patch also have kirinos route there? im a newbie LOL

  145. Zeraion

    Patching an already patched file can only lead to disaster.

  146. jm

    can i patch kirino route w/ an iso patched w/ kuruneko?

    1. Ziddy

      Please use an unpatched version.


    Um plz help me when i tried starting the game on my psp it said : The game could not be started 80020148. (this is with the kuroneko patch)

    My system software: 6.60 PRO-BT0

    1. Ziddy

      I’m not entirely sure why you have that issue. Can you launch the unpatched game?

      If not, try to change your NOUMD settings.

      1. PLZHELPME

        Sorry but I am a beginner at this sort of thing what’s NOUMD settings?
        I can’t launch my game, sometimes that message comes up or my screen goes black


    oh never mind found out about what NOUMD setting are but when I tried changing it to m33 driver or sony np960 or inferno, none of them worked. I pressed the reset device option each time i changed it

  149. Natsu

    why i can’t patch this it say that XD3_INVALID_INPUT

  150. Somnihem

    I’d hate to make a post about this…but I’m in dire need of assistance as I don’t know where to go from this point. This is the PSP version btw.

    To start, I used http://notcliche.com/ziddy/kuroneko-route-patch/#comment-754 as an example to lead my way through. So, I extracted the downloaded file onto my desktop with WinRAR and then opened up xdeltaUI.

    Then, once I opened up xdeltaUI, I selected the patch while it was on the “all files” file type.

    So now, I’m at the part where I need to select an ISO. Is there a certain area where I’m supposed to find it within the oreimo download? Or within a different download?

    I’d be very grateful for any assistance. I’m new at this kind of thing, so I looked around for any similar situations as I but I’m just clueless what’s next or if I messed up somewhere.

    Thank you again!!! ^_^


      u have to download the game, either find a torrent from nyaa torrents or somewhere else. After you’ve downloaded the file, use winrar to extract it to somewhere u can find. Then extract the file for disc 1 using winRAR, u should get a iso file. if u want further instructions u should go look at the patch installation guide on this website. i wish i can post a link to the original game but i can’t, may be u can go get help from fuwanovel website?

      1. PLZHELPME

        it would be great if you can help solve my problem (2 comments above)

  151. david

    i cant find the download for the game ._.

  152. BlackJak

    I feel really stupid for not being able to figure this out.

    I have a physical copy of the game and have made an ISO backup of the first disc, but when I try to patch it I get the “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT” error. Do I need to do something different because of the different ISO?

    1. Ziddy

      For the moment, the patch only works for a very specific release.

      However, if you can send me your ISO backup, I can pass it to the tech team to make it compatible for the next patch (Ayase Route).

      1. BlackJak

        Looking through more of the comments on the Kirino patch page, I realize the root of my problems. I have the “the Best” edition of the game and you told someone else the patch does not work with that version. Is compatibility with it in plans for the next release?

        1. Ziddy

          We would need the files first in order to implement compatibility though.

          You can send us the ISOs that you’ve made and we’ll do our best to make it work.

          1. BlackJak

            Alright, I will try to get them set to you all as soon as I am able to. Thank you for the help and good luck with all this work.

    2. Pribadi Ridwan

      I have a problem same as you are.. have you figure it out ?

  153. Guest

    So, I have been having problems recently when trying to play the patched version of the game (details in video). Let me know if any of you can provide me with some sort of solution. I am currently talking with people on the PPSSPP forums, asking them what is up, since they all have it working and I don’t.

  154. distancia2

    and installed the patch?, the instructions in the readme text are very confusing. the parch is the dowload archive, source file? output file? help me please!

    1. Conner Pascual

      Put the patch file in the area that says patch and put the game ISO in the source file. Name the output something like Oreimo.iso and then press patch button.

      1. Conner Pascual

        If my explanation doesn’t make sense here is a guide. http://notcliche.com/ziddy/kuroneko-route-patch/#comment-1198223088

  155. Marfu-um Abid Sharoon

    Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Portable (PSP) (ISO) (JPN) (2011). i have downloaded this using torrent. and tried to patch it as the instruction says. but i am getting this error – “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT”. it is the same no matter how many time a do it. what should i do?

  156. Neokido

    “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT”
    How can I fix this?

  157. itallimax rhy

    im having an issue, i have the oreimo UMD and have extracted the single “UMD9660” file and placed it in my ISO folder. I cannot find “b-oi2p1”, is this only available in the torrent? and not on the UMD?. When re-naming the “UMD9660” to “b-oi2p1” and going through the xdeltaUI process, i get the error “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT”. Am i doing anything wrong in particular?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Currently we do not support the UMD rips.

      However, if you can send the file over to me (dizzyziddy at gmail dot com), I can get my tech team to try to implement the patch for it.

  158. Treecko Green

    Either i am completely stupid or this has already come up and i missed it. But i keep getting this error below. And once i click “OK” XdeltaUI.exe is automatically removed from my computer. I have tried several generations of patches (Kirino, Kuroneko, and Ayase) i have also tried running it as Admin. Still same result.

    1. Treecko Green

      I figured out the issue. Anti virus deleted the file just as i activate it. setting it to be ignored solved the problem.

  159. Jm Toralba

    Uhm could someone tell me how to solve this XD3_INVALID_INPUT problem I really want to play the game but I can’t since this problem comes up when I patch it could u please tell me how to solve it thnx

  160. Fuckyou

    I have tried about fifty different ways of patching this fucking game, and nothing has worked. Either I’m in the wrong fucking major, or you need to take a minute to actually post a patching guide. It should go without saying, plug in patch file, plug in source, click ok, patched, but for some fucking reason, it’s not.

  161. Fuckyou

    Not to mention, I’ve tried it with a name in the output field, error. I tried it leaving it blank, error. I’ve tried overwritting the source with the output, error. I’ve tried going into notepad, typing out my frustrations, saving it as gofuckyourself.iso, making that the fucking output file, and, what a fucking shocker, error. I’m fucking done.

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      You seem upset.

      Did you check the readme? Admittedly the patch instructions in that readme isn’t that exact (step by step foolproof guide) but considering not many people reported that they had issues I assumed it was fine, guess I’ll have to make it easier in the future.

  162. Guest

    Excellent patch, worked like a charm. although instructions were a bit confusing since I’m just starting to mess with emulators. would have been great to see a video instructing the whole emulator,game & patch process to make life a little easier for others. I can probably post a video quick of how I managed to get it working if people want me to ^^

  163. shanna agbuya

    xdelta3:source file too short: XD3_INTERNAL

    xdelta3:target window checksum mismatch:XD3_INVALID_INPUT

  164. Rebeca Stcyr

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