Feb 14

Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1 : Full English Patch Release

Want to support the creators legally and purchase a digital copy of Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku? CLICK ME!


15th Feb 2015 1:41AM – Black Screen & Patching Issue has been fixed! Please re-download the patch!

Want to buy the game legally and use it for the patch? You can do so by following this tutorial at http://notcliche.com/ziddy/tutorial-buy-oreimo-psp/ 

Contact me on Twitter if you need help at any point!

>>> PATCH DOWNLOAD (Black Screen Fix) <<<

>>> PATCH MIRROR (Black Screen Fix) <<<

>>> For Vita PSP Exploit Users (Thanks @The_Zett!) <<<

>>> Video Tutorial on dumping the UMD version of Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP! Thanks blackmailftw! <<<


The full patch is for Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP has come!

Disc 1 : Remastered version of the original first psp game. Re-released with Tsuzuku. Patch goes here.

Disc 2 : Sequel with after stories, continuing from the content of disc 1.

Be sure to check out the readme.txt or the comments section if you have any questions.

Emulators are not supported, so any potential bugs or issues encountered using them WILL NOT be handled by the team.

If you can play the game using emulators with no issues however, go right ahead!

Try a different browser if you can’t complete the download!

We will be taking a break now! Please enjoy and thanks for all the support, fans and staff alike!

Thanks for believing!

About the author


The "Jack of All Trades" leader of Rinjinbu Translations. Also the owner of the youtube channel. And a very obvious Kuroneko fan.


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  1. Jankenpum


  2. Sage


  3. claudio a.

    wow! thank you very much! you’re great!

  4. A Fan

    Thank you so much, Rinjinbu Translations team!
    Now I can clear the plain girl route (+Saori).

    I will throw some chocolate in the general direction of where you might live.

  5. Jankenpum

    I couldn’t get the .bat to run, it kept coming up with ‘The system cannot find the path specified’. So I moved the ISO and all the contents of the patch to the drive with my operating system (C:/) and it’s worked. If you get the same error, give it a go.

    1. whatt

      It doesn’t work for me. I still get error that it cannot find the path.

      1. Jankenpum

        You should see this going by what I say, where your iso is disc one of oreimo, and dragging it on to patch .bat

  6. Sage

    Okay just here to report back, I’ve patched the ISO successfully and when I pop it into my PSP, it just goes to a blank black screen. But I can exit normally using the PS button though.

    1. Ziddy

      What driver are you currently using?

      Can you try using another driver?

      1. Sage

        What driver? Do you mean the firmware on my PSP? If so, it’s 6.60 Pro-C. As I mentioned below, I used this same ISO with the earlier patch release and it worked then. I believe 6.60 is the latest firmware.

        1. Ziddy

          It’s the UMD ISO Mode driver you change by pressing the select button on the XMB!

          I’ll ask my Techies to take a look at it though, thanks for the report!

          1. Sage

            Oh, if you meant that, I’m using Inferno. But as you instructed, I tried Inferno, M33 driver, and Sony NP9660. They all end up in a black screen.

            1. Ziddy

              Thanks for the heads up! It could be that due to our switching of the patch method (patch.bat), certain things have been accidentally made incompatible!

              We’ll be looking into it!

            2. Ziddy

              Please try downloading the new patch!

            3. Sage

              Yup! Seems to work now. Sad the old save files can’t be loaded but oh well. 😛 Thanks!

  7. Simonkey

    Can’t believe it’s finally here! i follow you since the very first patch, your the joy of my PSP. Thank you so much for your efforts, guys!

  8. Sage

    I forgot to menton, I used the prior released patch (for Ayase route) on this very same copy and it worked.

  9. A Fan

    I’ve got the same issue as Sage. Using the same cfw on a psp 1000.

    1. Ziddy

      Thanks for the heads up! I’m almost certain that it’s caused by the new patching method, we’ll get a bugfix out as soon as we figure out the issue!

    2. Ziddy

      Please try downloading the new patch!

      1. A Fan

        Thank you! Rinjinbu techies are way better than EA when it comes to launching a project 😀

        And Sage: I can load my previous games without any problems. The event tree is saved, too!

  10. Pandemic

    First of all: Thanks for your work. I’m really looking forward to play it!
    Sadly I also have the black screen issue mentioned before, same cfw. But I’m positive you guys will figure it out!

    1. Ziddy

      Thanks for the heads up, sorry to make you guys wait though!

      1. Pandemic

        Don’t worry about it, stuff like this happens!

        1. Ziddy

          Please try downloading the new patch!

          1. Pandemic

            It seems to be working now. Thanks for resolving the issue so quickly! I really didn’t want to play it on an emulator!

  11. Forseti

    thank you!!!! i have came here once per day!!! thank you for translating it!!! i am so sorry but i cant get all if routes. do u have website that has oreimo route selection files?

    1. Ziddy

      http://masterwiki.net/oreimo-game/ should help, even if it’s Japanese!

      1. Forseti

        thx! and also if cmd’s command come up with “Patching Completed” is it done?

        1. Ziddy

          I would believe so!

      2. claudio a.

        i’m the only one not getting how that wiki is supposed to work?

  12. suire

    I’m also reporting about the black screen issue on a 6.39 ME 10.2 CFW PSP 2004.

    1. Ziddy

      Thanks for the heads up and the detailed post!

    2. Ziddy

      Please try downloading the new patch!

  13. whatt

    I keep getting this error. I don’t know what to do.


    1. Ziddy

      Thanks for the heads up! I’ll pass this info to the tech people!

      1. whatt

        I think I fixed it. I extracted the ISO and put it in a folder. Then I dragged the extracted ISO folder to the .bat and it patched itself and made a .iso from that. That .iso works on ppsspp it seems like just fine. Thank you so much for all the work Ziddy and everyone else! <3 🙂 What a great gift during valentines day.

  14. Ex

    Same issue, black screen when booting. Had to use the “place the files in C:/” method because I couldn’t patch otherwise, then I’ve tried all 3 drives and couldn’t get it to work.Right now on 6.60 PRO-C. Model: 02g

    1. Ziddy

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll get this info to the techies!

    2. Ziddy

      Please try downloading the new patch!

  15. hiruma

    \o/\o/\o/\o/ THANKS!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/

  16. baca

    Thank you very much.
    It work perfectly on emulator.

    1. chris

      Does it? I have the black screen issue, where after i run the english patched verion on the ppsspp emulator, all i get is a black screen. It runs the japanese version perfectly, but yeah.

      How did you do it?

  17. 0versoul

    i get this message on patch.bat
    Extracting files…
    Patching files…
    xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT
    xdelta3: normally this indicates that the source file is incorrect
    xdelta3: please verify the source file with sha1sum or equivalent
    Creating ISO…
    Warning: Creating ISO-9660:1999 (version 2) filesystem.
    Patching completed.
    Press any key to continue . . .

    im using oreimo patch ver.4.2 iso,do i need to get the clean(jpn)iso to use the patch?
    thanks for your hard work!

    1. Ziddy

      You need to use a clean iso to use the patch, yes!

      1. [Sora]

        Lol xD now i need to redownload the clean iso but i never thought someone was experiencing this besides me hahahaha,Thanks Ziddy!

  18. Chaos

    I managed to patch the game after moving the files to the C directory. However, when I tried to play it, nothing had been translated.
    I look forward to the bugfix patch.

    1. Chaos

      Nevermind, I failed to see the new iso that had been created.

  19. Shiniryuu

    So I move the files to C:, the patch works fine, however, I can’t find the new .iso, and the ISO folder imediatelly disapears after the patching is done. Any help?

    1. Ziddy

      Are you using the Black Screen fix patch? (Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1 v1.0 English Patch.zip)

      1. Shiniryuu


        1. Ziddy

          Try placing the .ISO right beside the .BAT first.

          Then drag and drop.

          You should get a new ISO out of it! The ISO folder is only used for patching data, you’re not supposed to grab that!

          1. Shiniryuu

            I’ve trided, but no new iso is being created?

            Question: it creates a new iso or modifies the old one? Also, is it ok the “Warning: Creating ISO-9660:1999 (version 2) filesystem.” line?

            1. Ziddy

              It creates a new ISO with the filename OreImo Tsuzuku Disc 1 English.iso in the same directory as the patch.

              Try refreshing?

          2. DocDodos

            Having the same problem he is having. I have done everything you have said, but it does still not work. Please help me, and thanks!

  20. Demonins

    No matter what I try, I keep getting this message, and the emulator won’t be able to play the newly created ISO.


    1. Ziddy

      Did you try shifting all the patch contents over to C:, including the .ISO?

      Are you also using the Black Screen Fix patch?

      1. Demonins

        Yes, I have tried that, but I get the same error. And, no I have not tried the Black Screen Fix patch. I didn’t think the patch would have an effect since I don’t have a black screen yet. Should I attempt to use the fix?

        1. Chronoes

          Yes, use it. It should fix the problem you’re having right now as well.

          1. Demonins

            Thank you! It worked perfectly!

  21. Anon

    Thank you for your hard work on this project and fixing the problem so fast!!!
    Had the issue with the black screen, but it’s working now.

    1. Ziddy

      Enjoy the game!

      1. Anon

        I certainly will!
        again thank you so much

  22. Shiniryuu

    Hi again,
    Tried renaming the original iso, tried downloading the patch again, but still I get no new iso here? Am I supposed to run anything as an admin?

    BTW, if only a kind soul could share with me their patched iso…

    1. Chronoes

      Can you edit the patch.bat file with Notepad, 31st line (starts with “.\bin\mkisofs”) remove “-quiet” option, save the file and re-run the patch? Post the results in pastebin and link here.

      1. Shiniryuu


        and nothing yet…

        1. Chronoes

          Open cmd prompt with admin rights and cd to the directory of the patch. Run “patch.bat .iso”. After that, do “dir /b *.iso”. If it’s not listed in the results then I am quite clueless.

        2. Chronoes

          Better yet, come to #rinjinbu @ irc.rizon.net, it’s easier to chat. You can use the Web IRC tab for it on this page or a dedicated client.

          1. Shiniryuu

            Thanks for the help.
            Turns out I needed to run as admin ^^
            Still, no sound for my .iso, altough the original also didint have…

  23. DarkSorrow21

    The amount of happiness is just to much… Finally I can have an end with Ayase ;_; I’ve been waiting for this for so long.

    1. DarkSorrow21


  24. john

    Thanks to all the people who worked hard on this project ^^. Hats off to you guys

  25. Anon

    Will you be releasing or do you have a link to the walkthrough for Disc `?

  26. ~anon~

    You could add a link to where to buy it for people who get deeplinked to this post. I looked around and honestly couldn’t even find a link anywhere (basically I’d have to have followed you on twitter?).

    1. Chronoes

      The link is in the readme FYI. http://tiny.cc/buyoreimopsp

      1. ~anon~

        Yay, I just got linked to a site full of Japanese with no guide what to do next! This makes hypothetical user very enthusiastic about the purchase.

        1. Chronoes

          The instructions are also included in the readme. If only the hypothetical user had a little patience. We cannot offer an English site for purchasing this game and thus we only provide instructions on how to get one.

          1. ~anon~

            Alright, dropping persona. I actually didn’t download the patch (this should be obvious looking at my replies, I guess) so I didn’t really think of the patch-included readme. What I do want to get at is that putting up a more prettier page with instructions on how to buy / actual links etc (I see Ziddy’s working on pictures for signing up for PSN accounts, I know how painful that kind of thing can be so props to him) is probably not a bad idea.

            I’m not that interested in oreimo psp myself, so it’s quite possible I’ll just never play it. I’m sorry if I made you work for nothing 🙁 – but I hope a more easily used guide will be useful to others considering buying it. Alright, I’ll see myself out…

  27. Einishi

    Thx a lot for your hard work, it’s working great in PPSSPP Gold emulator for Android
    Playing it in my tablet right now 😉

  28. Ex

    Sorry to be a bother, but the second item in the O.R.E. List wont show the arrow to read more, the text ends in “with autographs from”, and won’t allow me to read more.
    Is that normal?

    1. Ziddy

      Were you using old save data? (e.g. save data before this patch was released)

      1. Ex

        No, I deleted it prior to playing this again.

        1. Ziddy

          Thanks for the heads up! I’ll forward it on!

  29. jjohnson1992

    im still getting a black screen when i start the game 🙁

    1. Heartseed

      Same here

  30. Shiniryuu

    For those who need a walkthrough, I’ve found this:


    Don’t know if works 100% with the Tsuzuku version.

    Cya ~~

  31. Andy

    I get this mesage after I finish patching it and when I try to run it on my PSP 3001 it stay as black screen and can’t run

    1. Andy

      nvm I fixed It turns out I had a wrong ISO file

  32. MantasB

    Thanks for the hard work.

  33. zerodriver3

    Great job Rinjinbu!

  34. jon_sumisu

    First of all a big thanks for all the hard work ziddy and crew! I really appreciate your effort to bring us non-japanese-speakers the joy of playing oreimo! As I’m new to the world of ps handhelds (actually I’m going to buy one just to play oreimo) I was wondering if you can play oreimo on ps vita as well? If not, are there any psp-version best suited for playen the patched game?

    1. Ziddy

      You need to have a PSP Exploit for the Vita in order to play this on the Vita! Unfortunately, if this is the first time you’re aware of this, then I’m afraid you have missed it, since Sony actively patches them out with every firmware update!

      You could always use a regular PSP to play it, as long as it is running CFW.

      There’s also Emulators but we aren’t responsible for any bugs or glitches that can happen while you play using it.

      1. jon_sumisu

        Ah, ok. Then I will just buy a used psp 3000 and cfw it. Although I used PPSSPP in the past, using original equipment delivers just a better experience. Thaks again.

  35. gregg

    Thanks so much for this Ziddy and the team who worked so hard to get this for us fans I’m sure you guys taking a break before completing Disc 2 of the game which will take awhile but will the next project after this be Haganai PSP Visual Novel?

    1. Ziddy

      I don’t think we’re doing anything else after we’re done with Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP.

      Partially due to how this project went and how the community isn’t supporting the official releases despite our attempts to make it as painless as possible.

      1. gregg

        Oh that’s sad to hear. 🙁
        I have been fascinated to always see PSP VN games being made from popular anime such as Toradora, Code Geass Lost Colors, Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou, Haganai, Kokoro Connect Yochi Random, and Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! just to name a few. Though these games may never reach the Western market I’m always glad when these do get an english patched worked on and hope for the best if you pursue future PSP VN projects.

      2. jon_sumisu

        There allways will be those who pirate but I think it’s like bad news are good news so you will always rather read about people who pirate than about those who actually bought the game. But I must agree that there seems to be a sad tendency to get everything for free. Don’t let yourself get discouraged by that! Nevertheless take a good rest! I bet it’s an awful lot of work to pull through such a project.

      3. koi

        Thanks for translating Oreimo, this is great! I’m awaiting my japan-codes order so I can buy it – BTW, thanks for the detailed instructions, I was originally going to buy the physical UMD and rip, but this seems easier. Looking forward to disc 2!

        I’m curious, though – I’m new to the scene, and am wondering what you mean by “how the community isn’t supporting the official releases”.

        1. Ziddy

          In short, people not buying the original game (no matter how cheap it is), opting for ‘prepatched’ solution even though the patching has been already simplified to a single step process.

          Despite attempts to make it as painless as possible, people still come up with ridiculous reasons not to support the games.

          Our goal here is not to promote piracy after all.

          1. animeloverxX93

            That’s sad to hear, Ziddy.
            I was looking forward Haganai, and as I told you some time ago, atleast I bought Oreimo Tsuzuku, even in the limited edition, still sealed. :/
            Wished you guys wouldn’t quit translating, but there isn’t much we can do… or, is it?

            Please, I would love to see you guys spreading these awesome games more (not by piracy, of course). 🙂

  36. Jankenpum

    Courtesy of The Zett, use this patcher to get it working on TN-V. The boot file has been replaced to prevent an error message which I cba to recall.

    1. Ziddy

      Edited the post to contain a Mega download mirror of this!

  37. X

    I downloaded the new patch and I still get a black screen when I start the game

    1. Ziddy

      What’s your setup like?


      Need more details for people to help!

      1. X

        Nvm, I re-downloaded the patch and now its working for me. Thanks

    2. Jankenpum

      Try this if you haven’t already.

  38. Destiny

    Is there a way to disable the protagonist’s voice?

    1. Ziddy


  39. yandere

    Great news, but i’ll wait for Disc 2 before i play it. Any ETA when disc 2 will be finished? month, two, six?

    1. Ziddy

      No idea!

      1. yandere

        That’s ok, take your time, i am sure it will be worth waiting 🙂

  40. silv

    Hello, I have a problem running the patched game. I get the 80020148 error. I have tried every UMD ISO mode, but it still doesn’t work. I have PSP1003 with 5.50 prome4. Is the CFW on fault? It’s old but with prometheus games should work

    1. Ziddy

      Might want to update your CFW first, especially if you can’t run the unpatched game!

      1. silv

        well, gonna check if the unpatched game works. If not, it’s cleary something with my CFW (the game is fine, cuz it works in an emulator). Thanks

        1. MrHaha

          Hey, i’ve also been getting the same error. Have you solved the problem?

  41. thanksforyourhardwork

    Will the patcher work through Wine? My Windows PC is broken(fried motherboard, stuck on Linux netbook until I can buy a new one)

    1. Ziddy

      I don’t know actually! You could try it out!

      1. thanksforyourhardwork

        Launching a file by dropping another file on it isn’t a thing in Linux, but my friend with more experience said it should work if it could be run in a different way.

        1. Chronoes

          If you can get the programs in bin folder working on Linux (all of them are available for Linux) and translate the batch file to bash script, it is certainly possible.
          FYI dropping a file on the batch file is a feature of Windows, what it essentially does is call the batch file from command-line as “patch.bat %1” where %1 is the path of the .iso file. %0 incidentally is the name of the batch file.

          1. thanksforyourhardwork

            I tried wine cmd and then patch.bat oreimo.iso, it ran but it failed with an error

            err:module:attach_process_dlls “cygwin1.dll” failed to initialize, aborting
            err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L”Z:\\home\\seba\\oreimo patch\\bin\\mkisofs.exe” failed, status c0000005

            I guess it’ll have to be translated to a shell script as you said. I’ll try, but I’m not sure if I can do it.

  42. Peter

    Hi i have problem with patch, i cannot patched this – becouse i have “Incorrect patch usage” and when i dropped my ISO then patch.bat automatically closed – could somebody help me?

    1. Ziddy

      What’s the filename of the ISO?

      Is it an unpatched ISO?

      You’re supposed to drag and drop the ISO onto the patch.bat! Hence incorrect usage!

  43. SomeRandomRandom

    I hope a walkthrough for this comes out soon in English. I… dislike playing visual novels without a guide.

    1. SomeRandomRandom

      I think I may have messed up on the Kuroneko route… As I said, I don’t like jumping into visual novels without guides. The only time I would jump in without a guide is when I am playing Galaxy Angel.

  44. deadstalker

    Just wandering if the Translation includes CG Commentaries, CG Titles, Twoshot Barrage (unlockable) and if not will you be translating them at a later date.

    1. Ziddy

      No for CG Commentaries because it’s purely audio, unless the techies can figure out a way to hack subtitles in while the audio clips play (but even then that is very unlikely). I have a couple of translated commentaries on my youtube channel though! (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL14fQGZkT2Og-45HRDPF–35b1T3UnnXT)

      As for CG Titles, it’s not our priority at the moment but it will be done someday.

      Twoshot Barrage is basically a clone of niconicodouga flyby comments, so we’re leaving it as it is.

  45. joystickero_rst

    Ty, time to play oreimo again 😀

  46. Gnoblis

    Thank you 🙂

  47. Kirito

    i downloaded an unpatched ISO. I used the patch on it. and copied it to my psp. but i still have the black screen.
    what am i doing wrong?

    1. Ziddy

      What’s the original filename of the ISO you used? You might have used the wrong game (Oreimo PSP is NOT the same as Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1)

  48. Khalid

    Thank you very much

  49. Anon

    My messages in the comment box are not shown for whatever reason.
    I got the cg you mentioned already. The see-through effect is a bit difficult to spot.
    Guess I will have to go for the plain girl 🙁
    Also: I think I found a bug. In the scene “Meeting at Akihabara” after you get the 2 OREs Saori engages in a two-shot.
    The second response “Are you an idiot?!” is always “false”. I mean the message you get when you enable two-shot hints in the options menu.

    1. Ziddy

      I’ll check with the techies! Thanks for the heads up!

  50. asda

    So are the O.R.E words in yellow? It’s my first time playing and it seems like some of the yellow words are not being recorded in the O.R.E list. Is it suppose to be like this?

    1. Ziddy

      The ORE words are in Yellow, yes! But it could be a mislabeling on our part!

      It’s just to signify to the player that “This phrase is an ORE”, you usually only end up receiving the ORE itself after a couple of lines past the initial appearance!

      Any specific examples so we can look into it?

  51. anon9000

    Umm is this working on PPSSPP? Anyone who used it yet on those stuff? and if so did you guys did any methods to make it work? thanks in advance =))

    1. Ziddy

      I believe there have been reports that the game is working on PPSSPP!

      1. Einishi

        Like i said in a previous post, it works fine in ppsspp (just finished Kuroneko’s route)
        Ja ne~

  52. ZZ

    in ( C:/ ) put it in one folder , all the files including the iso . When i tried it there’s a folder appeared “ISO” .

    1. Ziddy

      That ISO Folder is just a temporary folder to hold the files required for patching, it disappears when it’s done and the patched ISO appears next to the .bat.

  53. ZZ

    Would it work?

  54. Nazeri

    problem i can play OreImo Tsuzuku Disc 1 English.iso but its always crash especially when TwoShot Dialogues.it so many crash
    how to solve it anybody can help.if anyone who play using emulator in pc without crash,tell me how to fix it.i playing using emulator in my pc
    -PPSSPP V 1.0
    -windows XP service pack 3

    thank you.

  55. Ariel

    If you guys want the walkthrough of Kuroneko here.

  56. Ariel

    If you guys also want walkthrough of Ayase’s route here.

    1. Ariel

      If you guys also want walkthrough of Ayase’s route here.

      1. baka25

        the link is not worked ._.

        1. Ariel


    2. Ziddy

      Good work!

      1. Ariel

        Is there a way to delete the previous comments? I’m gonna upload them to Google Docs instead.

        1. Ziddy

          I can delete them for you! Just let me know which ones are to be deleted!

          1. Ariel

            Sorry for the late reply. I want you to delete my first comment and the second comment.

  57. Shinjuu

    Hey Ziddy, I want to make a translation of my favorite game to Portuguese, but I don’t have any clue of where should I start. Could you please tell me which tools am I going to need?

  58. CodexVII

    I’ve been watching you guys since the start, I’m so glad it’s finally completed!

    1. Baka&Juice

      I love you guys, thanks so much, you’re doing divine work!

    2. Ziddy

      Thanks for your support over the years!

  59. Baka&Juice

    I love you guys, thanks so much, you’re doing divine work!

  60. Ferry315

    hello! i actually had the same problem about not getting the patched iso so i searched the whole hard disc and found it here
    “C:\Users\(here’s the username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore” so i think the problem is that the patched iso is not moving to “C:\”
    also i didn’t played it yet so idk if it works, tomorrow i’m going to try it on my psp

    1. Ferry315

      Yeah it worked with the iso i found in VirtualStore folder so i think the only problem is that is not saved in the correct location, if you have same problem as me just go to the “search” option in “C:\” and just copy-paste the name of the patched iso: OreImo Tsuzuku Disc 1 English.iso
      and wait a bit until the file is found.

  61. SuperA123

    I install it on my Vita but I always get a black screen. I use the patch for Vita. Why is this happening?

    1. Ziddy

      What’s the ISO name? We had people reporting black screens but they simply used the wrong game to patch.

      i.e. Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1 is not the same as Oreimo PSP. It is actually an enhanced re-release of it with extra content and such.

      Which is why people run into trouble if they try to use “Oreimo PSP” to patch.

      1. SuperA123

        I re-do all the instructions and it is now working fine! I’m playing it now. Thanks Ziddy! I’m looking forward to the disc 2’s translation. Cheers and more power to you~

  62. headshotmary

    so, i downloaded everything fine, but after patching, saori’s voice doesn’t play/her text doesnt show, making it seem like it’s skipping over her.
    problem with the iso, maybe?

    1. Ziddy

      Which scene or line are you having this problem?

      1. headshotmary

        i haven’t played too far into this yet, but, seems like all of her lines so far.
        i’m downloading a new iso right now.

        1. animeloverxX93

          You know, actually buying the game and afterwards making a file from the UMD might be a better idea, since it’s ensured that this will be a clean dump, and it serves Ziddy’s and the other co-workers of rinjinbu translations goal to make people actually support the people behind these games.

  63. FateNero

    I assume this method doesn’t apply for vita 🙁 time to dust off my old PSP

    1. Ziddy

      Actually it was tested by a couple of Vita users and they got it to work!

  64. Ariel Jersey Jr

    I upload Kuroneko, Ayase, and Saori route walkthrough of OreImo Disc 1 to my Google Drive and its much easier to use. Still need to make Manami, Kirino, and the If routes. Note that Kanako’s If route and the Forbidden Yuri If route is already in Ayase route walkthrough.

  65. Vazquez

    Dude, the disc 2 have not pacht yet? because in your youtuube chhannel i can see you play the disc 2 in english, if you can help me i really apreciated

    1. animeloverxX93

      It’s not translated yet… this has been stated multiple times, and can actually be seen in the progress chart.

  66. DocDodos

    Having an issue with the ISO folder disappearing, and the new ISO not appearing. If anyone could help me, it’d be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. DocDodos

      Never mind, have fixed it on my own. Thanks anyways.

  67. ZeroRequiemGX

    Thank you for the translation but sadly the patch isn’t working for my game.
    Here is what it says whenever I patch it.

    Extracting files…
    Patching files…
    The file name is too long.
    The file name is too long.
    Creating ISO…
    Warning: Creating ISO-9660:1999 (version 2) filesystem.
    ./bin/mkisofs: File name too long. Non-existent or inaccessible: ISO/PSP_GA

    and soo on.

    A little help if you may.

    1. Ziddy

      Try moving the patch and ISO to the root of your drive! (e.g. C:\)

  68. DVecc

    So Disc 2 is still in the progress of being translated?

    1. Guro

      I think the team is taking a break now. They do deserve it after all lol

  69. podpięcia do firan

    Hi there to every one, the contents existing at this website are truly awesome for people experience, well, keep up the nice
    work fellows.

  70. Kurosaki147

    So I figured out the patching process but the cfw keeps taking it back to the main screen when I launch it and it doesn’t show the ISO on my psp

  71. Ryou Lunan

    Took me a while to get the patch to work, was having an issue with PPSSPP blackscreening on load, however the base version (no patch.bat) would work, after downloading the mirrored version instead and tried it again it loads right up.

  72. Kurosaki147

    A better question would be do I need to have the game umd in when I try to play the patched version iso? Cause the iso doesn’t even come up on the psp…

    1. Guro

      It looks like you didn’t rip the game properly. If you bought the physical version of the game:
      1) Insert the UMD into your PSP
      2) Go into the VSH menu on your PSP and set the USB Device as UMD
      3) Connect your PSP to your computer, and open up its directory
      The disk that you put in should show in .iso format.
      4) Copy that to your desktop and then unplug the PSP from your PC
      5) Apply the patch according to the instructions provided
      6) Go into the VSH menu and set the USB device back to what is was originally
      7) Copy the patched .iso into the ISO folder

      You will now be able to run the patched game straight from your PSP without anything needed to be in the UMD slot. Hope I helped.

  73. Spectator

    First of all, thank you for great work, guys! I am playing Disk 1 on PPSSPP 1.0.1 under Linux and on my Android tablet, both seems to run fine! Already played up to 47% =)
    The question I want to ask you is: will you re-release bugfix patch 1.01? I found several small mistakes (mostly seems to be mistypes). The mistakes that I have found:
    FAYA_0013A/000/000scriptFAYA_0013A.obj: One place automatically came to mind, but bringing_Ayase to “that place” is definitely out of the_question.l <<< Extra "l" at the end of line
    FAYA_0035A/000/000scriptFAYA_0035A.obj.log: Kyousuke「I'm all revved up now. Wait for me… <<< Missing "i" in "revived"
    FAYA_0014A/000/000scriptFAYA_0014A.obj.log: But really, 'Onii-chan'? You're obviously ■■ years_older than me! <<< Some strange symbols
    Maybe there is more, I haven't completed game to 100% yet. And also there is a bug with one of Two-Shot conversations in Kirino route. I don't recall with dialog, but you can't answer correctly to one of questions: both of the silence and answer is "Bad". It's not critical to gameplay, just wrong =). And this bug present in Ayase patch too.

    1. Chronoes

      Thanks for the reports, we don’t have someone dedicated to go through all the text and these things become most apparent while playing.

      First problem is indeed a typo, fixed it now. Second problem is not really a problem, to rev is a verb, meaning to increase in strength or feel reinvigorated. Third one is probably a matter of encoding, the number is undisclosed in the original script and that’s why it has weird symbols in place.

      I doubt the two-shots are bugs, the design of that was not up to us but the developers :P.

      1. Spectator

        Thanks for reply!
        I’ve mostly completed game (97%), and found another problem, similar to third:
        DSAO_0000A/000/000scriptDSAO_0000A.obj.log: We still have places to go.ãééMaybe I should wait_until we part ways.
        Maybe it’s the encoding problem, I don’t know – I’m not very familiar with PSP internals. But it shows wrong both in-game on PPSSPP and in dumped text on my Linux (UTF-8) machine.
        As soon as I see, there isn’t any other bugs =)

        1. Chronoes

          The insertion may have read it wrong and place different symbols instead. The dumped text symbols depend on how the conversion is handled from UTF-16LE to UTF-8, however, the cause for that seems to be some weird whitespace a translator has written.

          1. Spectator

            > The dumped text symbols depend on how the conversion is handled from UTF-16LE to UTF-8
            I’ve handle conversion with help of iconv libc function (yep, I’ve written dumper myself =D)
            > however, the cause for that seems to be some weird whitespace a translator has written.
            I also think that, so I reported it to you

  74. Dragon.Fire

    thank you for translating this game
    i just want ask, the disk 2 when it will be release ?
    i want to play all disk so much
    thank you

  75. ExDii

    Love you!!!!!! Thanks! 😀
    My birthday just became 5x better 😀

  76. Sla152

    I can’t seem to use the save feature in the game. It worked the first time I loaded the game up ever. Now every time the game loads up it tells me “Done reading. You cannot use previous save data”, and when I try to save there is an untranslated error, and my only option is to hit Circle to continue. I can use the PPSSPP Save State but it’s making doing different route’s harder, and take a lot longer… Also if I want to put this game on my Psp it most likely will mean I will have to start all over with the data right? Anyone know how I can make it so the game will let me save?

    1. Spectator

      > “Done reading. You cannot use previous save data”
      It’s okay, same for me. It seems to mean nothing.
      > I can’t seem to use the save feature in the game.
      And this is strange. Which version of PPSSPP you are using? I have 0.9.9-51 from old Git on my Linux PC and release version 1.0.1 on Android tablet, both seems to run fine.

      1. Sla152

        I’m using v1.0.1. I’m able to start saving if I don’t use Save State’s from PPSSPP if I start up the game normally but this means I would need to unlock everything again which is looking like my only option if I want to transfer the game data to my PSP someday.

        If I load a Save State, and try to save using the game saves it doesn’t let me. I get that untranslated save error message during this time frame. T_T

        1. Spectator

          Can you post screenshot? Maybe we can try to translate it =)

          1. Sla152


            Here you go. It’s fine either way. If I have to reunlock things it’s not so bad for this type of game. xD

            1. Guro

              It says your system data is corrupted. Copy your .iso and precious files to a PC, format your memory stick using your PSP (under System in the XMB) and then re-copy your .iso back to the memory card.

            2. Sla152

              I’ve been playing it via PPSSPP emulator on my PC so the files aren’t on a memory stick. Just to keep progress I had been using the Save State feature.

              Although what you said gave me an idea, and it worked. 😀 So I deleted the SaveData folder for the game from the memstick/PSP folder, and then loaded the game. Loaded the save state. Went to the Save menu, and it told me I had no save data, and asked if I would like to create one, and it worked. 😀 So I got to keep all my progress, and now have an actual save in the game. Thank you! ^_^

            3. Guro

              No problem. Glad to be of help one way or another 🙂

  77. Ariel Jersey Jr

    I need to get that (O.R.E.) The True Kirino so I can go to the bad ending. How can you get it?

    1. Sla152

      You get that after “Imposter?” Two Shot sequence. Just press Square during all 5 of the responses, and at the end you unlock The True Kirino O.R.E.

      http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8328C7B1B34433DA Here’s a link to Dizzy’s walkthrough playlist for the game if you require visual assistance with that section. Just look for “Kirino Ending #1” which is the bad end.

  78. Yuusei

    Since mediago is down and sony has terrible customer service, I used a different method and bought and downloaded the game using my ps3 and then transferred it over to my psp which worked. But now, since the file isn’t on my computer but on my ps3, i have no idea how to use the patch…. anyone know how to use the patch without using a computer? Much appreciated.

    1. Ziddy

      You have to use the patch!

      What’s the files in your PSP like? If it’s hidden in some folder with the game ID, you can convert the folder into an ISO actually!

      1. Yuusei

        Well that seems to be the problem. Basically I used my ps3 to download the game directly from psn onto the ps3. Then i copied it onto the psp. When i connect the psp to my computer, i can’t find the game itself but i can play it on the psp if i look inside the memory stick. i literally dragged everything related the psp to the patch with no luck. I think the problem is that my game isn’t an iso for whatever reason. I have the RES.patch inside the PSP folder. But so basically i just want to know where my game is…I can play it on the psp but i can’t find it on the cpu… any ideas as to where it is?

    2. koi

      MediaGo is back up, finally. I was able to download my copy last night.

      1. Yuusei

        I know!!! So happy about that. Now if only everything else worked perfectly… One month later and I’m still trying to download the game… D:

  79. darkanima


    just want to say thank u for the opportunity to play this game in English
    again thank you
    to you and your team!!

  80. Armageddon

    Im stuck at loading screen after the OP. Im using ppsspp 1.0.1

  81. Hakuoro

    Hehe 🙂 It was so long since I last played with my PSP but this game made me do an all-night gaming session XD Thank you so much for this patch XD Can’t waitnfor the second part.

  82. darkanima

    feedback to the patch
    the patch work perfectly in my PSP System 6.60 Pro-C2 Model 02g (UMD ISO MODE Sony NP9660)
    thx again for the patch

  83. Terrae

    after patching i am stuck at a loading screen( the one with the star)

    1. Zanes

      Me too 🙁

      1. Ziddy

        Try running the patched game on PPSSPP (emulator)! If you can’t get it to work there, then it means the issue is either
        1) you are using the wrong ISO (Oreimo PSP is NOT THE SAME as Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1
        2) the patching process messed up somewhere.

        If you are able to play it via PPSSPP, then it means the issue is with your PSP!

        Feel free to contact me via Twitter if you continue to have problems!

  84. william

    when I try to patch it

    i get this message on patch.bat
    Extracting files…
    Patching files…
    xdelta3: source file too short: XD3_INVALID_INPUT
    xdelta3: normally this indicates that the source file is incorrect
    xdelta3: please verify the source file with sha1sum or equivalent
    Creating ISO…
    Warning: Creating ISO-9660:1999 (version 2) filesystem.
    Patching completed.
    Press any key to continue . . .

    1. Guro

      Run an Administrator and see if that changes anything. If not, rip your game again. Do you have a physical version or digital version?

  85. william

    when I try to patch it

    i get this message on bat. patch
    extracting files. . .
    patching files. . .
    xdelta3: source file too short: XD3_INVALID_INPUT
    xdelta3: normally this indicates that the source file is incorrect
    xdelta3: please verify the source file with sha1sum or equivalent
    creating ISO. . .
    warning: creating ISO-9660:1999 (version 2) filesystem.
    patching completed.
    press any key to continue . . .

    1. Ziddy

      You might be using the wrong file! Make sure it’s a “fresh” iso!

      1. skai

        i have the same problem. where can i download this iso i havent understand how to have it with your tuto. i’m not really good with english ^^’

  86. RahRan

    excuse me, why i get black/blank screen after the very first “TwoShot Dialogue”? i have been using some combination answer but no one seems can get me pass that scene, can anybody help me please? I’m use the 15th February patch, sorry for bad english, thx.

    1. Ziddy

      That’s such an odd place for crashing!

      Can you run the original game and get past that scene?

      Try running both the original and patched game on an Emulator (PPSSPP) and see if you can get past that scene too!

      Usually the results will allow you to find out whether the issue is your PSP, the source ISO or the patched ISO!

  87. Rikuto

    Hi, i keep getting this error message when dragging the ore no imouto portable to the patch.bat.

    I just noticed that Manami Tamura’s route after school trip is not translated so i searched and found this site.

    extracting files…
    patching files…
    xdelta3: target windows checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT
    xdelta3: normally this indicate that the source file is incorrect
    xdelta3: please verify the source file with sha1sum or equivalent
    creating iso…
    warning: creating iso-9660:1999 (Version 2) filesystem.
    patching completed.
    press any key to continue…

    Well… did i do something wrong? By the way i have the English patch version 1.0. Should i download the clean japanese iso to apply the patch properly? Thanks in advance :D.

    1. Rikuto

      sorry my bad, I didn’t know that the site where i downloaded the oreimo updated last month. sorry ^^”

      1. Guro

        Wtf… You pirated the game? Screw you man…

        1. Ghost

          Everything on the internet is free. It’d be like leaving money on the table if people didn’t do it.

        2. Ghost

          Forgot to mention, Yarhar fiddle dee dee, being a pirate is alright with me! Do what ya want ‘cuz a pirate is free! You are a pirate! Yaaaar harharharhar aaaarr har harhar!

  88. Windy


    (my apologies, I had first misplaced this comment on the tutorial page)

    First of all, thanks for all the hard work on the project.

    I only just found out about this project and I’ve already had the physical copy of the game for a long time; if I want to use that, do I need to install custom firmware or can I use the patch without modifying my PSP?

  89. Ricky

    May i ask, do you guys know when the english patch of the second disc will come?? i read it been 88% completed but that was on february so i was wondering how things are going 🙂

    Btw nice work ^.^

    1. oskarsiles

      We all are waiting just be patient, BTW they said no to ask about progress because they will not say word about it until they want to

    2. Ziddy

      No ETA, we’re currently having a long break.

  90. Yuusei

    Ziddy (& team),

    Thanks for all the hard work. Really glad this has been made.

    Now, if only I can play the game…. D: After playing around with it for a while(now that mediago is back online), I finally got the .iso file by extracting from the .pkg file. Then drag it onto the patch.bat which results in the same .iso file (apperance-wise). Now my question is how to actually play the .iso file…? I know I really should know this but I have no idea and multiple google/youtube tutorials doesn’t seem to help(they’re all too specific to their scenarios). The data on my psp( where the game should be) seems to be corrupted and I can’t find the “UMB ISO mode” or whatever it’s called… If anyone could help, I’d really appreciate it… Thanks again!

    1. Ziddy

      You can transfer the ISO over to your PSP via USB!

      Of course, this is assuming your PSP is running Custom Firmware (CFW), head over to http://wololo.net/cfw4dummies/ to get it installed!

      Otherwise, you can play it via emulation, such as PPSSPP on PC.

      1. Yuusei


        Thanks! Final question(i really hope so…) Once I use the patch.bat by dragging the .iso file on it, where does the new .iso appear? I can’t find it. The .iso that appears in the winzip is the original untranslated file which I can play on the psp. I’m hoping that the translated file is simply somewhere I can’t find(rather than something else not working… D:) otherwise I’m somewhat out of options… D:

        1. Ziddy

          It is supposed to show up at the root location of the patch.bat! (e.g. next to patch.bat)

          Try shifting it over to the root of a drive and patching. (C:\ for example)

  91. DawnChaser

    Finally i can get some Saori ending thanks

  92. Mr.Cool

    Still waiting for Disc 2 Patch release. 🙂
    I hope it will be finish quickly.

    Thanx for your hard work. :v
    And please don’t stop the project until it will be finished.
    Because i love that game. Thanx very much ziddy

  93. Ascend

    IMPORTANT QUESTION: (sry caps :v)
    I droped my old Ayase route patch ISO into the patch.bat. Idk if its working properly thou :C Do you think it will work this way? Or do I have to get teh clear Japanese game and then patch it? Could you throw me a link where to download the ISO best for this patch? Thanks! (I will buy it in the near future along with new PSP, I just want to play it like this for now – so if you can reply me with the link of the best ISO i should use for this please? 🙂 )

      1. Ascend

        rn i wish i kept that money i spent on other shiet :c

        1. Guro

          Thanks, basedmoderator. I was about to scream at that ayase fellow for posting links to pirate sites, but you beat me to it.

  94. [Sora]

    I downloaded a Clean ISO then as the instruction said I moved the ISO file in the Bat. and then when i played it on my emulator its just a black screen. Is my emulator broken or the patch?

    1. Guro

      No, what’s broken is your sense of morality. I’ll spell out to you what you need to do:

      1. Buy the game
      2. Make a legal rip of it
      3. Download and apply the patch

  95. Xafen

    I have a problem when i try to start playing. The screen goes back to the normal screen and sais that the game can not be started.

    Im trying to play on a psp with the 5.50 VSH and i have tried all the umd iso modes.

    1. Xafen

      And u have to say that my psp firmware is in the version 9.90 (that is what the psp sais when i try to update the sistem)

      1. Guro

        You need to update to firmware version 6.60 Pro C.

        1. Xafen

          How can i do it?

        2. Xafen

          I mean, i have search for the 6.60 pro c firmware but in the website the person who posted the way to update the psp said that to update i have to have an original firmware version (no matter if it is 6.20, 6.35, 6.39, 6.60 or 6.61) because if it is another version the psp will have a brick

  96. Baetul Hack

    what works in ppsspp ??

  97. ilham

    hello, can i asking, are this game can be played in ppsspp for android, please respone this comment 🙂

    1. Ziddy

      If it runs on PC I’m sure it will work on Android as well.

  98. skai

    i have this message each time i try to use the patch.bat

    i get this message on bat. patch
    extracting files. . .
    patching files. . .
    xdelta3: source file too short: XD3_INVALID_INPUT
    xdelta3: normally this indicates that the source file is incorrect
    xdelta3: please verify the source file with sha1sum or equivalent
    creating ISO. . .
    warning: creating ISO-9660:1999 (version 2) filesystem.
    patching completed.
    press any key to continue . . .

    where can i find the iso disc 2 for it ? i didn’t understand your tuto i’m bad in english for this thing ^^’

    1. Ziddy

      Disc 2 patch is not out yet.

  99. FuryTomic

    Ok, I just got the game… Downloaded it using media go, extracted package using the extractor software, dragged ISO file over patch, it’s now renamed and ready to be played. Now I’ve booted up my vita to copy the application… And what do you know, it’s not being displayed for copying… I dragged my ISO into the document folder that the vita will look for games from. Still nothing. Anyone else having this similar problem? Or at least know a solution to copy it onto my vita?

    1. Ziddy

      Try running it with an emulator first to see if the problem lies with the patched ISO.

      If it works then it’s probably your Vita, you’re using the latest hacks from wololo? Since you can’t load dumped ISOs on your Vita unless it’s hacked.

      1. FuryTomic

        wololo? Heard of wololo, but I do not know which hacks to use… Can you direct me to one of the hacks that I can use to extract?
        That might be the case, dumped ISO files.. If it’s possible, can you make a tutorial that can also help future PS Vita users that are having this issue too?


    Hello. I just recently encountered a weird issue with this latest patch.

    It worked well the first time, patched properly, copied to PSP-3000, played game without a hitch (although just for the first few dialogues). I also made one save file. I didn’t play it for around 3 days after that first run (played only God Eater Burst [US] for that duration). Now, when I checked to play OreImo again, it shows as corrupted data!

    Here are the things I’ve done to try and fix the issue (albeit to no avail):
    – Re-load/re-install/whatever CFW (I’m using 6.60 PRO-C Fix 3, btw)
    – Reformat memory stick twice (first on Windows, second through PSP)
    – Re-patch original ISO (same as the one that worked previously)
    – Shorten filename (I was using the game’s full name, Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsuzuku Wake ga Nai Disc 1, as the ISO filename at first) to “OreImo Disc 1”
    – Use different UMD ISO modes
    – Disabling all plugins, etc.,
    – leaving only OreImo and CFW on the memory stick

    I’m at an absolute loss what to do. Help please! (I badly need to play that Kuroneko route :3)

    1. Ziddy

      That sounds really weird, you mean the data corrupted itself?

      Maybe you’re using a fake memory stick? Try running the patched game on PPSSPP and see if it works maybe?

      (and feel free to tweet at @dizzy_ziddy if you want a faster response, I’m often seen on Twitter!)


        I don’t have Twitter, sadly. XD

        And yes, I’ve confirmed that my MS is a knockoff (sucks to be third world). It is weird, mainly because I played an older patched version around a year ago and I actually managed to end Kirino’s route; that was on the same PSP, and on the same exact MS. The thing is that this time, it only worked for (what I could only assume) the day that I copied the ISO onto the MS (although I didn’t check back on it until today tbh). Now, no matter how many times i recopied the game, repatched it, or used the original .pkg I have stowed away, it still shows up as corrupted data. I also deleted the OreImo save games, just to make sure; still doesn’t do anything.

        Perhaps it has something to do with the MS? But it would be weirder still in that case because, somehow, all other games are working absolutely fine; only OreImo is acting up. Perhaps my PSP is refusing to acknowledge my desire to see a happy end for Kuroneko 🙁

        If it helps though, I’ve never had that black screen problem with OreImo, or the backlog crashes; all your patch releases have been quite stable on my device. This is just the one time it’s acting up.

        1. FRAUKOJIROU

          Nvm, I managed to fix it. In case anyone encounters the same problem, here’s basically what I did in the exact order I did them (I’m not sure which one of these actually did the trick, but wth right):

          1. Re-patch original backup (the freshest possible) of the OreImo Disc 1 ISO.
          2. Scan MS for errors (this is right click inside drive root -> properties -> tools tab -> error checking).
          3. Delete FOUND.000 folder (and all of its contents).
          4. Copy patched OreImo ISO.
          5. ???
          6. Profit!

          Anyway, thanks for responding, Ziddy. Great work by you and your team, can’t wait for Disc 2 (even though I haven’t finished Disc 1 yet, lol). Now here’s hoping you guys get psyched after finishing OreImo to work on Haganai or Sakurasou… 🙂

  101. Scott

    Hello. I just recently used your patcher to patch my ISO of this game. When I loaded it on my custom firmware (PRO-C, PSP 3000 with update 6.60) the game would load, make it just past the opening, and then sit at an infinite loading screen. I have tried using all 3 ISO modes (Inferno, M33 Driver, and Sony NP9660) and I have had no luck. I also put the ISO in PPSSPP and it had the same issue

    Do you have any idea what is wrong, and maybe a way to help?

    Thanks for your Help!

    1. Scott

      Update: I no longer have an issue. it turns out i wasnt using a clean ISO to patch, even though the site said it was. i found a clean one and it is working smoothly now!

  102. Ryuichi

    Thank you sir you dont i really am so happy you did the patch and im exited for the disc 2 thank you for doing this

  103. Nysek

    Thank you for the English patch!

    The ps vita patch is down. Please re-upload it.

  104. MoonWalk

    Thank u a lot!

  105. pemase6

    Nepal is unique in so many thgnis, our Flag meaning is the blue border denotes peace and harmony that has been prevalent in the country since the age of Gautama Buddha, who was born in Nepal. The crimson color is Nepal’s national color, and it indicates the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. The two triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains and represent the two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. The depiction of celestial bodies represents permanence, the hope that Nepal will last as long as the sun and the moon. The moon symbolizes that the Nepalese are soothing and calm, while the sun symbolizes fierce resolve. The moon also symbolizes the shades and the cool weather of the Himalayas, whereas the sun symbolizes the heat and the high temperature at the lower part (Tarai) of Nepal. thanks for being liked Nepal as different.

  106. sakuzyo

    May i know i the patch works for the disc version? cuz i have the UMD. Thanks!

  107. Eric Mireles

    The Mega link is broken. Help?

  108. E0

    Thank you guys for all the hard work!

    Just a heads up for anyone having issues patching their UMD versions… I don’t know if it applies to every physical copy but the discs may be labelled incorrectly (mine was from the LE). When I tried to patch “disc 1” (i.e. the disc labelled as #1), the bat file gave me a “XD3_INVALID_INPUT” message and the game wouldn’t start up at all. It wasn’t until I tried patching “disc 2” (i.e. the disc labelled as #2) that I finally got it to work.

    So basically, the disc labelled as #2 = actual disc 1 and the disc labelled as #1 = actual disc 2. If patching one of them doesn’t work, try patching the other one.

    1. Pablo Duarte

      Same thing happened to me, you’re not alone buddy LOL, Disc 1 => Disc2 and Disc 2 => Disc 1. I couldn’t believe that happened with the first Japanese game I bought.

  109. marcus

    the eboot.bin is patched?
    if is, it’s possible use in Boku wa tomodachi?, the engine it’s very similar, but the boku wa tomodachi it’s a 2012 game, and the oreimo 2011… probabbly don’t run…

  110. Chung

    Could someone help me ? It said this mkisofs did not start correctly, error 0x000012d i think.

    1. Equ3strianGam3r

      I was having the same problem and I couldn’t solve it on my laptop so I got the idea of copying the patching files and the game files onto a flash drive and taking it to the public library near my house and I was able to patch the first disc just fine there. So I don’t know what was wrong with the mkisofs.exe on my laptop but you might try copying the files and patching it on another computer. I still have to wait to try playing it when I get back home later but I hope this helps.

  111. Equ3strianGam3r

    I’m having problems patching the game. I purchased the game from the Playstation Network as described on the other page thank you for that by the way. Anyways when I try to patch the iso file I keep getting an error that pops up that says, mkisofs.exe – Application error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000012d). Click OK to close application. I tried to take a screen shot but it wouldn’t let me. When I clicked OK the patch finished and said the patching was complete but I didn’t have a new iso file like you said I should have. I don’t see any other people saying they have seen this error unless I over looked it.

    1. Onoma

      This happened to me on WIndows 10. How I fixed it:
      -Download latest CDRTools from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdrtoolswin/
      -Install and go to c:\Program files(x86)\cdrtools folder.
      -copy mkisofs.exe and the 3 dlls from that folder and paste it on the bin folder in the patch folder for replacing mkisofs.

      BTW thanks a lot Ziddy for the translation.

      1. Equ3strianGam3r

        Thank you for the tip. I was able to patch it on another computer and then copy the patched iso back onto my computer but I may try this as well just to see if it works.

      2. GravitySpike

        thanks it worked

  112. Tiago

    After I patch the game he don’t run in the emulator, the original in japanese runs normally… Someone know why ?

    1. FuryTomic

      Are you sure you patched the game correctly? Is it the correct downloaded patch file? Did it change from “XXXX”* to a different filename? (Like Oreimo Tsuzuku or an english version of the name?)
      You should retry it with a different patch download :/
      *I labeled it, XXXX for the original ISO ID when you exported it.

  113. nangnangi2

    ​Wow! that is great!English patch for disc 1… ​AWESOME!!​I would like to share some info for some of u guys having troble target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT ​You will be getting this error because you are not having an original ISO File. It means the ISO File is modified by someone else.Well, you can get the patched ISO File from the link below:http://nicoblog.org/psp/iso/ore-no-imouto-english-patched/+ Ziddy did not uploaded the ISO File because of the ​COPYRIGHT.​​80020148 Error​You will be getting this error if your firmware version is outdated.Well, you can use the ISO TOOL for this, but for me it was keep crashing onPSP 1002. Also, you can goto recovery menu and change the settings.I am too busy for this, so please search it on google. Sorry XDBut, before using the ISO TOOL, please try to update your firmware.6.60 should be the latest firmware. I am updating to 6.60 right now.I hope this helped you XD

  114. amogames

    woww genial thankssss es completo is full?

  115. Ryu

    I have a question, I running OreImo on PPSSPP Gold (Android) and I can’t see the Words on Dialog Box. But in the main menu i seeing the control button like “Continue , data install, gallery etc” whats wrong in my games??


    Practical commentary , I learned a lot from the details ! Does someone know where I could possibly get ahold of a blank a form document to work with ?

  117. MrX

    I have troubles with patching on Win 10 x64, it stucks at creating ISO and I can’t even kill process or reboot system, hard reset is the only option, and I notice that in app manager there is mkisofs process repeating and multiplying itself, I have 12Gb RAM and four core Core i5 CPU and I did patch it on Win 8.1 before and it worked but it seems it is not compatible with Win 10 Pro x64

    1. GravitySpike

      same here
      i use Win 10 Pro 64-bit
      2×4-GB DDR3 RAM
      4 core AMD FX-8800P APU

      after trying to patch it for 5 times i give up and google for the already patched one

  118. fabian fallas

    i have a trouble when i´m patching the game it says creating the iso and stays like that for hour and when i see the memory of the computer is like 15 gb less than the gb i really have

  119. Niooh

    Thx for the game!What about the disc 2 ? 😀

  120. googleplay

    Thanks a lot

  121. GloriousMakerEngineer.tumblr.com


  122. GravitySpike

    So when i drag the iso to patch it goes normal and then when it try to create the iso file
    your mkisofs.exe say “error the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)”
    what should i do?

    1. GravitySpike

      edit: how to make it run in Win 10

      thanks to this guy http://notcliche.com/ziddy/oreimo-psp-patch/#comment-22974

  123. jose

    thank you very much for your hard work, im waiting for your patch for disc 2 and im really excited <3 thank you

  124. akaki

    Can use same save data

  125. Sohkka

    When i’m patching the iso i got error on this: mkisofs.exe cound’t start – 0xc0000142

    any ideas?

  126. Douglas

    I am so excited to try and make this work and it kills me that i can only go half way through with this. I downloaded the Media Go and cannot login with my PSN. No matter what i try i always get the same error of (80048143) and it might be because the site is no longer supported. Is there a way for me to still use my psn with this Media Go program?! I’m dying to play this with subtitles

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