Apr 24

Progress Updates (Updated 24th Apr 2016)

(24th Apr 2016) Project is not “abandoned” or “dropped”, just had to survive a full load semester of pain and suffering.

Thanks for still keeping track of the project despite the long hiatus, I’m always reachable at Twitter if you want to find me.

Milestones achieved since last Progress Update

– Kuroneko Route 100% Finalized



– TLC Saori Route

– Final Yamineko / Tamaki Route

This post will be reserved for progress updates. We don’t have a set schedule, so check back often if you are interested in our progress.

About the author


The "Jack of All Trades" leader of Rinjinbu Translations. Also the owner of the youtube channel. And a very obvious Kuroneko fan.


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  1. J2dless

    Finally an update. Though it’s not a patch, but it still made my day because Ayase is nearly done! XD

    1. keii_kun


  2. Miczo

    Its good to see progress, keep it up, i’m really looking forward for next patch

  3. Torin

    Sorry by my ignorance but, what does TLC mean?

    1. NorwegianboyEE

      TLC stands for translation check.

  4. sexybeast

    Ayase! A-Ya-Se! yeeAAAHHH!

  5. kiren

    This looks really nice. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. KJB007

    Just got my game today, can’t wait for the ayase route!

  7. J2dless

    Ayase3x!!! Uhm… It doesn’t include the 2nd disk right? And I thought Kuroneko route in disc one was already done since there was a kuroneko patch route…. Does this mean that it wasn’t checked and edited? 0_0

    1. Ziddy

      Kuroneko’s translation was using the CN version as base. Therefore, it is not reflected in the table.

      Her route will be checked/edited against the Japanese version before we release the final patch.

      1. keii_kun

        when will it end?
        i cant wait to get killed by ayase by my own

  8. Tatsuya

    I already finished Kirino and Kuroneko routes, now I'm waiting for Ayase 😀

  9. NorwegianboyEE

    Current ayase progress stands in about 82.75% and in 11 august the progress was 30.17% which means that we have a 0.45% increase in the translation every day.
    0.45*39 days= 17.55%
    17.55+82.7= 100.25%
    It will take 39 days until the ayase patch is complete…
    CONCLUSION: the patch will be released 14th january.

    1. Ziddy

      The progress meter doesn’t actually work that way, but you are welcome to come up with your own theories.

      1. Tatsuya

        Um, Ziddy, I have a question.
        Do you plan to translate other IF routes? I mean Kirino If Route etc.
        You know, it have different ending, i won’t write it here for people who don’t know.
        I look forward for answer!

    2. keii_kun

      i want to get killed by ayase right now

  10. meowmeow

    looking forward to playing all the routes, especially Saori’s 😛

  11. LudoKun

    Hi guys!
    First of all,thank you for the great work you’re doing!
    I started to trying to have the game for the end,i didnt like it at all,i love kuroneko and i wanna finish with her..so i wanna do her route! 😀
    But..can i try it yet or it’s not realased? I dont understand
    (ps Kuroneko 4evah)

  12. Yuki-tan

    Looking foward to the release of Saori and Ayase routes! 😀

  13. Raymond

    You guys rock

  14. Maikeru

    I want Manami’s route to be translated so badly .. I’m looking forward on it to be released ..

  15. OreImouto

    is disc 2 translation out yet or is it still in progress? been looking for translation for disc 2 ty

    1. ZiddyFan

      The translation for disc 2 is not out YET. For now, waiting patiently for the full working patch for disc 1 is our first priority.

  16. Ben

    me too T-T

  17. AnonSpeeD

    any new progress ? its been 4 months since you posted it 🙁

  18. Ghettoblaster

    Wow i just fired this patch up and it is absolutely fantastic! Thank you! I cannot wait for the Kuroneko route. Until then i’ll have have to be satisfied with Kirino’s route to satisfy my tsundere needs :3

  19. AnonSpeeD

    any new progress ? the last one was on the 8th march ……

  20. ZiddyFan

    I’m a real fan of you Ziddy and the team! Though I cannot help you significantly on promoting the project, I will make an effort to spread awareness. Take your time and keep up the good work!

  21. Zakuya

    For those of us unable to help other ways, do you all take donations?
    Thanks for all of your hard work!

    1. Nifs

      I’d like to know this as well. I’m throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening.

      1. Dizzy Ziddy

        We don’t take donations as that could result in legal issues and cause problems due to it being a group effort.

        Please buy the original game instead and support the game developers!

        If you already did though, perhaps you can try supporting other translation projects such as https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ecchi-mery-and-the-perils-of-the-cosmic-shrine?

  22. oppaiDAISUKI

    can i ask something ziddy-san? does the latest progress updates shows
    the complete patches for each route? i understood that the saori, manami
    and IF routes aren’t finished yet, but the kuroneko route is still 0%.. is that only a typo error? im sure its not the update for the disc2 (hadn’t seen sena route :P)

    looking forward for the disc2 patch..
    the CGs, especially the closeup faces are so goddamn cute!!

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Kuroneko was using the chinese translation as base, the current progress tracks only Japanese-English translations. Which is why it’s set as 0%.

  23. Yoshida Haru

    Any Update Guys?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Due to me being overseas, progress will be slower than usual.

      1. Yoshida Haru

        I See. Good luck Admins!! 😀

  24. raphae;

    i am back after 11 months cannot wait for the translation for the disk two so i studied the japanese language it is easy until you come up with the kanji since there sometimes no voice track in some part of the game when the main char is talking

    1. Massive Ayase Fan

      is it rly dat easy? i might learn it then since i got basic knowledge of japanese and great with kanji (im half chinese)

  25. Massive Ayase Fan

    hey ziddy about wen will u start on disc 2 translations?

  26. SchadoW

    Hello, I got a question, where can I actually download this patch? And is this for the first psp game or the second one(Tsuzuku)? I am a little confused by that, so I would be happy if someone could help me here! 🙂

  27. Dless Jeytwo

    The Ayase route in the disc 2 is almost done!!! Damn if fagots didn’t ruin the project, the admin here can produce the partial patch of disc 2 for Ayase… I really want to finish Ayase route so badly… T_T

  28. Brokkoli Shepard

    Nice! Thanks for the update, I’m checking in every day to (hopefully) see an update of the progress. And you’re doing the 2nd disc too, yay!

  29. Vsauce Germany

    Can’t wait for the Ayase Route on Disc 2 <3
    Keep up the awesome work guys!

  30. Benjamin Olston

    This will work on an actual PSP right? how would we install the translation?

  31. rizardi

    Any ideas how long will it take that the game is finished?
    Well im 100% kirino fan so i mostly look after her route, but im still really looking foward to this 🙂

  32. Neokido

    I can’t wait for it to be finished!!!

  33. CodexVII

    DISC 2 HYPE!!

  34. Chan


  35. AnonSpeeD

    13th july was the last update… when will be the next update ??

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Expect the next update sometime this week!

      1. AnonSpeeD

        thanks 🙂 btw when will be the next update ? 😛 a monthly report would be nice ^^

  36. Dless Jeytwo

    Saw Ziddy’s twitter (right side of this site), it said “Ayase’s Tsuzuku Route is now 100% finalized!”. Damn good job to all of you!! XD
    I really want to play it so badly soon but they made a policy regarding releasing of patch. I wish they will release a patch of Ayase as an exemption to the rule.. Hopefully… 🙁

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Unfortunately there won’t be any exception to the rule due to certain individuals ruining it for everyone else.

      Thanks for the support though!

      1. Dless Jeytwo

        Well, at least you showed us that your taking the “tsuzuku”/2nd disk seriously in finishing it. Well I hope you guys will finish the translation of the disk very soon… Good luck and thank you for translating for us! XD
        Meanwhile, I’ll go “bad-ending-Ayase-mode” on those individuals who ruined the fun……..

  37. KIZUKI

    ummm….might i just ask if after you fully translate it,will you release it as a patch or as a game already??

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      We will be releasing it as a patch because of legal reasons.

      It is not legal to distribute the game with the game prepatched and it can get us into trouble.

      1. KIZUKI

        oh i see….thanks for the info xD

  38. Verix

    >Disc Two Progress
    my body is ready <3

  39. Bearsona

    Could you explain the difference between Disc 1 and Disc 2?

  40. Kelvin Yohanes

    hello… i’m looking for disc 2 patch, but i can’t find any ><
    so, the disc 2 patch hasn't published yet, or i just couldn't find the download button? @dizzyziddy:disqus

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      No release for Disc 2 until Disc 1 is done.

  41. Kaito

    @dizzyziddy:disqus will you continue the translation of haganai after you finish oreimo??

    1. Dizzy Ziddy


  42. Esv80

    YES! Bring on the Saori route de gozaru!! Lol
    Awesome work you guys! Thank you! ^_^

  43. Kaito

    hey guys what is the difference between disc 1 and disc 2?

    1. Esv80

      As far as I’m aware.

      Disc 1 Is the original game with some extras, picking a route, romancing etc. Disc 2 focuses more on the dating aspect, a continuation of Disc 1.

      1. Kaito

        ohh.. thank you im very confused what is the difference between them 🙂

  44. ChimChamp

    can’t wait for the full release of disk 1 have bought a psp just so i can play this game

  45. HerbalNekoTea

    Sorry for bothering you. I have a PSP GO, i plan to buy Oreimo game from JBox/JList but as you know, PSP GO don’t have umd drive, so i will ask my friend to rip my iso from the import UMD for playing the game. I just want to be sure than not like rewrite, the game don’t check if the UMD drive have something into it. I don’t know if i can do like UMD video and month it like an iso on PC. Also, which type of patch are you doing ? Some UMD iso delta patch (Project Diva 2nd), a plugin for running the game on CFW (Project Diva 3) or a data installation modification from the save file like the little buster converted edition patch ? Final question, should i play the first disk or wait for both disk to be complete ? Thank your hardwork and please take your time for this being a good quality translation. I don’t mind waiting 2 more years. Just don’t give up or ghosting like the Haruhi Translation on PSP. >_>

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Numbering your points would be much easier on the eyes instead of a wall of text.

      1. If you are planning to use your own personal ripped copy of the UMD, you might want to send us that ISO so we can make it compatible with the patch.
      2. Currently the partial patch modifies the original iso into a patch iso in which you can then throw into your PSP to play.
      3. The ideal way of playing this series is Disc 1 100% completion -> Disc 2.

      1. HerbalNekoTea

        Well, thx, but being honest, now i have other plan for my money… Planning to buy the trilogy of Grisaia and the neko headphone, so i might pirate it for a certain time before buying it later next summer. I just want to be sure they don’t do a umd drive check. I heard rewrite check if a umd’s present on the drive for being sure it’s not a backup iso file. If they don’t detect a disk on the drive, they lock the game. Because PSP GO lack an umd drive, i just hope it don’t happen. I think those type of antipiracy security was only for very late PSP game, when there was no new release on the West, only in Japan just before the Vita take off in sale. Thank for answering the 2 other question.

  46. AnonSpeeD

    well well , its nearly 1 month over 🙂 hope the next update will be awesome 🙂

  47. Batman

    You’re the translators everyone wants. You’re the translators everyone needs.

  48. Chris

    Sorry if this was asked before, and I don’t mean to come off rude since I think y’all are awesome, but why is disc 2 being translated when disc 1 hasn’t been finished?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Staff Allocation.

      We have multiple translators and such, since Disc 1 is only left with one route for TLC, the other translators need something to do and hence Disc 2.

  49. Weng Zen Goh

    Could someone give me a download link to disc 2 raw?

  50. CodexVII

    Still waiting with bated breath, can’t wait for everything to fall in place.

  51. AwesomeMan

    Is there any way I can help you on the translation? Aside from translating? Because I dont know Japanese..

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Help spread the word! If we get more staff it’ll definitely help us out!

      1. AwesomeMan

        Roger that!

  52. cegeb

    any plan for next project after this one?

  53. AwesomeMan

    You can do it! Thousands of people are waiting for you!!

  54. Nhavan Luhuynh

    i’m a fan of this light novel, could any one send me the link to download this VN , thanks alot . and thanks the translator team

    1. Oracle

      Recomend u to download “bahamut” vertion the patches works with that vertion, at last it worked for me

  55. Oracle

    :3 keep going guys! gambare!

  56. おいしい たべもの

    Every time I play, it turns back to Japanese after the school trip. What am I doing wrong, because I haven’t been able to prevent this, whether I’m on my PSP or PPSSPP.

  57. Alex_Gol

    W8.. wut. Disc 1 Saori route 4/4 100% and Kuroneko not? I thought it is kinda vice versa?

  58. Shan Kanis

    Wow really nice work. What you’ve done already must have been tons of work.

  59. Pand3mix

    Ayase route Disc 2 is fully completed 😀 wonder why XDD I <3 Ayase so much . Anyway keep up the great work !!!!! CANT wait the first disc to be fully completed !! :))

  60. NiC

    wooo disc 1 is almost finished 🙂

  61. Chris

    OH YEAH, 98%! You guys are awesome! Anyone know if Disc 1 will be released when it finishes, or will only release along side Disc 2 when that finishes?

    1. Dizzy Ziddy

      Disc 1 release first, we’ll probably take a break after that and return to work on Disc 2.

  62. Sasuke952

    You are amazing ! Great work !

  63. LionCerieals

    Great job guys! When can we expect the release of the first disc? I wanna play it so bad right now. >.< 😀

  64. kirino

    wish i could help but my chinese is not that great but keep up the awesome work i have been sharing it when i can and have been following this project for a long time now hope it gets finished soon

  65. joys

    omg, this is great, nice work to all staff 😀

  66. kirino x ayase route

    I should probably know this, but when it comes out, where can we buy it? On the site itself or will you distribute it with a third party provider like amazon or something?

    Also thanks so much for doing this. this looks so amazing 😀

    1. Chronoes

      This is not a paid translation and thusly will not be bundled or sold anywhere. If you do see these, then avoid them at all costs, unless they’re certified for localisation (which I doubt will ever happen). You can buy the game itself though, the patch can be applied to it (assuming it’s an ISO file).

      1. kirino x ayase route

        Still confused. So do I have to buy the official japanese version and then download the patch onto it??? (slightly technologically illiterate) Or can I just use the psp and go online to the site and download the patch directly? (also where do i download it?) Thanks!

  67. sdad

    >the head of project is a big Kuroneko fag
    >the Kuroneko route is the only one that is still untranslated
    Are you taking extreme care and passion to translate it? I really hope so, Ruri is best girl

  68. Watdenkenjij

    Are you going to release a patch for Ayase’s route on disc 2?

  69. Leonardo Marcellino

    So last update is 25th January 2015, are you guys still on board for the project? I really love disc 1, and was hoping to play disc 2 myself. Although there’s always Dizzy Ziddy Youtube videos :D, I want to play my own game too lol! Keep up the good work guys!

  70. Kiririn-shi

    Dear Dizzy Ziddy,

    As other users are actually wondering about when will be released the disc 2 english patch, i’m gonna ask you the same thing.
    I just stopped playing Disc 1 because i completed almost all avaiable routes and now that i’ve fall in love with this game, i’d like to know if the release is near or is still quite far…
    Anyway thank you for your work and for giving us the chance to play this game! Keep on! 🙂

    Greetings, a fan.

  71. rakuraka

    dear ziddy

    ziddy-kun will you release partial patch or only complete patch
    and may i know your ETA and your future project after oreimo tsuzuku

    1. Ziddy

      Full patch, not sure when it’ll be done and I don’t think we’re doing anything new after this!

      1. rakuraka

        then oreimo is your last project?

        1. Ziddy

          Pretty much, considering that this is actually 2 games in a single package and the amount of time we spent on this.

          1. rakuraka

            i think you will translate haganai or yahari

  72. Panda

    How much longer until your done? I can’t wait until I get the game, sadly…. I have no money currently(otakuness is an expensive hobby). I wish I could help you too. You say you don’t support emulators, so I was wondering, how would you play an ISO file on a psp?

    1. Panda

      Wait a minute! Why does it say I posted that at 9:11pm? It’s 9:11 am.

    2. Ziddy

      It’s not that we don’t support emulators, but more like anything you encounter on an emulator we won’t fix because the patch is designed to run on actual hardware and not a WIP emulator that can be prone to bugs only appearing on emulators.

      You need to run CFW on your PSP.

  73. Skyperian

    Hi,to be honest i cant wait for the patch im just here give my support to you guys.Hoping you all the best for doing this for us.Good luck and thank you again.

    Ayaseeeeeeeeeee,Omg i cant wait for it anyways

  74. tsunyan

    a quick question the disc 1 is basically the 1st game right?

    1. Guro



    Hello Ziddy this is must be my first time writing comments like this
    I’m pretty sure that many guys are cheering you up even though you could not realize them. Even some Koreans like me are looking forward to this patch greatly because in Korea, Korean-patch team has actually given up few years ago. So this site is pretty famous to to Korean users since we are usually used to english more than japanese
    Now I’m playing disc1 and felt that i should thank you for this great patch. I do not know how long it will take until the next pacth is done but i’ll be always waiting for it.
    Again, thank you so much Ziddy and sorry for my poor english skill.

    1. Ziddy

      Wow! That’s actually news to me, thank you for letting me know!

      Your English is understandable, so no worries!

      Again, thanks for letting me know that people are liking our work so far!

  76. KayTan

    Umm.. could you make a wild guess on when will the patch for OreImo Pso Disc 2 comes?
    (Based on your progress.)

    1. Ziddy

      Ideally by the end of the year, but there’s a lot of unknown factors that can delay it.

  77. Henry

    very nice publish, i definitely love this web site, carry on it

  78. darkanima

    wow disc 2 😀

  79. Kris_Rebel

    recently completed the first disc and now I’m craving for more! I have a feeling that they left all the good stuf for the second part. Can’t wait for the release! Keep it up!

  80. Apop

    I’m done with disk1 Ziddy! My favorite End was Saori’s then Kanako’s comes after then there is Ayase’s then Kuroneko’s then Kirino’s and Manami’s. I really liked Saori’s ending and I liked that the events on Ayase’s route were funny and enjoyable due to the misunderstanding between Kyousuke and her. I love its LN, Anime and this game so much. I constantly visit to check for updates.

    Again thank you for answering my questions in vids. 😀 Thank you for your hardwork!

  81. A Hairy Tomato

    Thanks to you guys I’ve been kind of obsessed with this game. I love reading books and since this is a visual novel based on Oreimo… I’m not even finished with Disc 1, but please finish the Disc 2 translation as soon as possible! I don’t know any Japanese so I know I probably don’t have any right to say this… But please get this Disc 2 translation out! I appreciate you guys for your hard work in translating, and thanks for getting me into the Visual Novel based games ;-;

  82. Kul

    Many thanks for the game. I love it too much. Do you have any new progress?? Can’t wait for playing Disk 2

  83. DarkLink1996

    Question. If you were cancel this you would release what you had done so far, right?

  84. Nunya

    I’m sure the projects not abandoned right?

    Oreimo is wonderful and I’m sure the team is just busy with RL,

    it kinda gets in the way of everything.

  85. Lester

    Hi Ziddy,

    I’m still looking forward for the completion for the patch on Disc 2..

    Hope it will be done soon..

    Thanks a lot for your effort and time..

    Keep up the good work Ziddy and your team!! Still, cross-finger..

  86. leocrix

    Good luck ziddy it nice to see that you guys doing some update

  87. joystickero_rst

    I thought that did not follow the translation, i was fascinated to see that big advances in ayase route, my favorite :D, thanks to continue with the project, and now wait patiently for the release.

  88. A Hairy Tomato

    I really hope this project doesn’t go under the water… I’m really looking forward to the second disc because I think that is where the meat of the action is O3O
    GO ON ZIDDY! Maybe I can do some editing clean up? (I have a lot of writing experience.)

    1. Ziddy

      If you’re ever interested in that, feel free to contact me via Twitter or e-mail, then I can let you try out some scripts!

  89. Ko

    Thanks for the hard work~
    I’d like you to know that your hard work is very appreciated.
    BTW Kuroneko is the best.

  90. ElectroStorm

    Greetings, thank you for your hard work and look forward to the disc 2

  91. Berzelute

    After you finish translating this will you translate Ore no Imouto Maker EX: Imouto to Koi shiyo! Portable?

  92. Rolland

    whoah this blog is excellent i really like studying your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You understand, many individuals are looking round for this information, you can help them greatly.

  93. HughFan

    Every time I feel down I just look at this post to cheer me up.

  94. Siphrin

    Woooooo! New update! You guys rock! Kinda surprised that the Kirino route wasn’t finished 2nd though.

  95. Reinz

    Nice update
    hope we will taste this second disk soon(but take your time don’t rush it)
    glad the progress was good

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  99. Utsuo

    I’m dying for the Manami and Saori routes.

    Can’t wait.. 😀

  100. YoshiHero

    Is this project still in progress ?

  101. Dayu herlambang

    A-ya-se yeaahhhh,,
    i’m looking forward for this project.

  102. kuroubloodmir

    If only release it on xmas, that would be great xD

    But keep up the goood work 😀

  103. Patrick

    Thank you so much for your work , keep it up! I look forward to your updates!

  104. Pezzo

    Gambatte guys ! Tons of fan are counting on you 😀 !

  105. Kul

    Can i know when the new update of progress coming?

  106. Steven

    ummm so…. did you release the partial patch or not? if not then should i wait for full patch?

    1. Steven

      and one more question, what does “certain person” did on the past patch?

    2. Steven

      and one more question, what does “certain person” did on the past?

  107. ianarcher33

    Keep up the good work. A friend of mine who doesn’t have access to the Internet often and myself who does are clunting on you. I’m constantly keeping an eye out for updates and keeping him in he loop. Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up.

  108. kuroubloodmir

    XD .. so exited to play this game

  109. HKyle33

    I hope progress is being made. 🙂

  110. Kurou

    Its now new year well happy new year to all

    XD Hope It will release Now or next day 😀

  111. Nelie


  112. generalsonder

    Baaaaaah, i want a partial patch for the disc 2, i want to continue with the ayase´s route and the kanako´s route. please, can you release a partial patch for that routes? i have the disc 2 but in japanese

  113. joystickero_rst

    oh god, thanks a lot for continue the translation xD

  114. Gabe

    Man I love you all! Keep up the good work!

    This is my first time here, I came on searching for this as I just finished the anime 2 days ago or so and I was devastated by the way it ended.

    I would’ve loved to see a romance with Ruri/Kuroneko but sadly you can know it wasn’t to work out since the whole “Incest” theme anime you know it’ll just end.

    So after that I decided to go on a search as I had heard of some Kuroneko spinoff series and I just ended up being here!

    I will download the first disk and try to play it on an emulator (Still got to find one) Though I read it might not work on emulators so might even go ahead and buy myself a PSP. All for the sake of a good Route with Kuroneko.

    1. Oskar

      I fell you bro!!!

      Ruri is love
      Ruri is life
      Ruri is a miracle of the universe

      1. Kul

        Ruri is love
        Ruri is life
        Ruri is a miracle of the universe <3

  115. Han

    still waiting for the release XD. keep up the good work !

  116. Nathan

    Waiting for the release! Hope it get’s finished soon! Keep it up 😀

  117. Putra

    what to disc 2 patch is already available?
    I’m very waiting that 🙂

  118. nangnangi2

    Hey Ziddy!

    I would like to know when the translation will be finished.
    disc 1 is too short -_-; I can’t wait for disc 2!

    Are you finishing the translation in the end of Feb?

  119. Immortal

    I can’t wait till the translation is done. I need to finish my Kuroneko route.

    1. Oskar

      I feel you bro!!!

  120. Pyrolobus Fumarii

    Amazing! You guys are my hero~!!

  121. Denny Permana Siregar

    Ganbatte! 😀

  122. Kul

    Any new update? I’m really want to see an update of your process Try your best!

  123. Ilham (Still Alive)

    Man. someone teach me to translate japan. i cant really wait anymore

  124. Siscon-san

    Keep up the good work guys!! Can’t wait for the release of Disc 2!! Ganbatte^^

  125. Ichigo Pantsu

    Thanks for keeping at it. I look forward to the release.

  126. Nunya

    Is it almost time for a progress chart update?

    The anticipation is killing me. 😛

  127. Davilis

    So grateful for all the hard work being put into these translations 🙂

  128. mr.sensei

    ummmm….. can u update the progress chart? ty .

  129. jjohnson1992

    pleeeeeeease don’t be dead I will actually cry

  130. palunglaut

    Hello, would be nice if there’s an update of the project. Is it still continued?

  131. Gianis Nekros

    He has a youtube channel called Dizzy Ziddy and it’s pretty active. We should ask about it in the comments. If enough of us ask we’ll probably get a responce. I don’t really wanna bother him too much but I’m really concerned about this lack of updates…

    1. Ziddy

      It’s a better idea to grab hold of me on Twitter actually!

  132. john

    did you give up?

  133. Kul

    New update. Great! Hope we can play it in summer!

  134. K.K

    Holy crap so glad that this project is still alive

    1. jake

      oh thank you god. also anyone know how I can get the english translations of eromanga sensei volumes 3-6?

      1. K.K

        Well according to what do I know of vol5 and vol6 are not translated yet. Only vol 1-4 are translated. I’ve got vol 1-4 translated version in pdf format so if you want, just leave e-mail address and I will have them sent to you.

        1. jake

          heres my email hgcampbell00@hotmail.com please send them to me. Thank you

          1. K.K

            Sent you vol 1-3 but vol4’s size is too large that i can’t send you through g-mail so i will just leave the link.
            hope you enjoy it
            https://d.maxfile.ro › jqaclcyfnp

            1. jake

              that link does not work is there any other way you can share that file with me (im pretty sure files can be shared through mega if you have one)

        2. Kirinoooooo:D

          Dear K.K san, is that seriously a new Light Novel By Fushimi Sensei? waaaa, after so long hiatus From this web i got a lot info…

          can you please send me a pdf copy too?? thx a lot in advance man ^_^


  135. John

    oh thank you god. also anyone know how I can get the english translations of eromanga sensei volumes 3-6?

  136. jake

    crap sorry first time using this type of blog since it did not sow my comment I posted again under this name.

  137. jake

    hey does anyone know if or when eromanga sensei vol. 5 will be translated?

  138. MyWifuIsKuroneko

    Hi thank u so much for the vol 1 i loved it so much!! thank u for doing this i like how i can practice my Japanese wile reading in English as well enyoing oriemo here a kuroneko fan too wating for the vol 2 i send u cheers from all oreimo fans !!! and thousand thanks

  139. Ayase

    I can’t wait for this. Thank you Dizzy.

  140. Adrianna Montes

    Thanks for doing us all a favor Dizzy, I’ve been following you for a while and I get excited when I see that percentage goes up! I can’t imagine doing this with just a small team and most of the time by yourself… ><

  141. Dauntlessmoron

    Uhmm… im new here,so…. how do i download this? :3

  142. Dauntlessmoron

    follow-up question, how is the progress going? ziddy-kun could you tell by percent of the progress of your work? I would gladly appreciate that. Thank you in advance!

    1. John Nekros

      You can see the progress at the chart at the top of the page. For the download, go to the top of the page and to the right, under “recents posts”, click “Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1 : Full English Patch Release” and follow the instructions from there 🙂

  143. AirKingNeo

    I’ve done a bit of math to try to predict the date of disc 2. From 24th of April (2016) to the day the Disc 1’s release on Feburary 14th, 2015 is a gap of 1 year, 2 months, and 20 days. (Nice pun) (Or about 446 days.)

    However he’s gotten 81.5% total % done of the entire thing since the release of Disc 1. (Assuming they started on Disc 2 on THIS DAY). So if 446 is only about 80%, then the rest being 20% is about 112 days.

    My prediction is Disc 2 will be finished around August 14th of this year.

    1. kuro

      You really can’t apply math to something that is dependent on a multitude of variables. But I know how you feel. The wait is killing you, and you’re trying to find solace in any way possible. Trust me, I’ve been there lol.

      Btw, projects usually always start off very quickly, much faster than anyone can expect. That’s because motivation is high and everyone’s getting stuff done. But as time passes, the momentum dies, and some members start getting inactive.

      If you want to speed up the project, find the members who are inactive, and give them a push, or maybe make a nice comment on their Twitter to motivate them again. ez

  144. Kintai

    Keep up the great work! We all really appreciate you

  145. Kul

    Any new update?

  146. Lazidium The luck Demon

    where i can download this patch? its not fully patched but yet it will help me, i wanna finish kuroneko route.

  147. Kyosuke the player

    keep up the great work dizzy I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Oskar

    I cant wait to the patch for disc 2!!! You are doing a great job ziddy!!!!

  149. Alex

    Is this project still alive?

  150. Kul

    Any new update? Don’t let this project die, T_T

  151. Anon

    Who’s Yamineko?

  152. iamsokuuuul

    achhchh, can’t wait anymoreeeeeee. My ayaseeeeeeee routeeeeeeeeeeee. <3

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