Jun 03 2013

Recruiting Translators for Oreimo Tsuzuku Disc 2!


The cast of Oreimo await you!

[Edit] We have some openings for Editors as well! Please do not apply if English is not your first/native language!

Editors will have to work with existing Translators regarding the translations, fixing spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, changing the sentences if it doesn’t sound right based on context, stuff like that, while ensuring the original meaning of the sentences wasn’t lost.

We now have enough editors! Thanks for applying!

As we are more than halfway through the first disc (translations, not TLC or Editing) , here’s a recruitment post for JP-EN Translators to work on Oreimo Tsuzuku Disc 2.

We are currently left with two major routes and a couple of IF Routes for Disc 1. As a result, I decided to open up Disc 2 for the patch as well. In order to speed up our progress through both games though, we require more translators to help us out.

Note that work has not officially begun yet, it all depends on the results of this recruitment.

Here’s how it works. You’ll be given access to our project wiki page where you get to translate scripts directly. You’ll get to choose which route you want to work on, unless you have no preference in which case we will assign you one.

English proficiency is required, along with knowledge of Oreimo.

For those who are interested, drop me an e-mail (dizzyziddy at gmail.com) or drop by our irc channel and contact me (Ziddy) (#rinjinbu, irc.rizon.net, or just use the Web IRC). You can also leave your contacts (e.g email) in the comments.

For those who’d like to help out but can’t translate, do me a favor and spread the word!