Feb 15

[Tutorial] Buying Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP from PSN and Converting to ISO

 Looking for the patch release? Click Here! 

Want to support the creators legally? READ ON!


The guide in the readme.txt is too confusing for you? Here’s a more detailed guide! 

Cost of Game : 2880 Yen == $24.24USD

Time Required : 10-15 Minutes + ?? (Depends on Internet Speed)

If you need help with this at any point, please contact me at https://twitter.com/dizzy_ziddy!

This tutorial is assuming you don’t have a Japanese PSN Account and a Japanese Credit Card! Skip the steps that does not apply to you!

Step 1 : Go to http://tiny.cc/buyoreimopsp (Use Incognito / Private Browsing mode if you do not see the following image.



Step 2 : Create a Japanese PSN Account using the next few images as reference.








Step 3 : Verify your PSN Account by checking your e-mail address inbox.




Step 4 : Obtain a 3000 Yen PSN Prepaid Code

Some websites to consider (Digital Delivery)






Step 5 : Enter Code and send funds into your PSN Account




Step 6 : Place Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP into Shopping Cart, click Shopping Cart Icon and confirm Purchase!



Step 7 : Download the Tools required to convert your PSN Purchase into an ISO! 

https://mega.co.nz/#!Mt4WzBYb!RBEg3a0hStw7bzi_96Wp7KwAeyy102x9BfO7jE_S__w – Download this tools package!

Extract the package!


Step 8 : Install Media Go, login to Media Go (using PSN Account) and download Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP using the Download List!




Step 9 : After downloading, find the folder containing the download package (e.g. Documents\Media Go\Downloads)


Step 10 : Convert the pkg into an .ISO!




Here’s a reward for making it this far!


You’ll be able to participate in an Early Access version of the Disc 2 English Patch when it’s ready, as long as you are able to prove that you own a legal copy of this game! (e.g. screenshots, videos, PSN purchase history, receipts)

More details when it’s ready!


About the author


The "Jack of All Trades" leader of Rinjinbu Translations. Also the owner of the youtube channel. And a very obvious Kuroneko fan.


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  1. Sanya

    I don’t see how not buying a game makes me a horrible person

    1. Benjamin

      Because piracy is illegal? i don’t really think it will blacken your soul or anything though.
      Will the patch work with a physical copy? it would probably be easier for me to get one of those than a download.

      1. Ziddy

        Never tried it myself but this might be useful!


      2. FUCK_NASA

        illegal .. lmfao the whole copy rigth thing came from the jews which are the worst criminal and supreamcist !
        simple fact ! just read the jewish book TALMUD.
        like us jewish goverment.

        piracy is even supported by them on the other side
        so ppl which are not able to get the came becaus of lack of money atleas they wont them keep busy !!!
        entertaiment for everyone … every gender every age every class. classic modern and tons of other generes !

        1. anonymous

          so basically ur saying that u don’t want to get paid for your work?
          lmao. smoke pot much, dude?

  2. Michael

    When it starts the TwoShot conversations PPSSPP crashes. Do you know of anyway to fix this?

    1. Michael

      Never mind It just didn’t download correctly.

  3. MrWilder

    If you want, you may get the limited edition here. I really like that box.



    Does this work for PS VITA?

    1. Ziddy

      If you have the PSP exploit, yes you will be able to run the patched game on it! This guide can be done purely on a PC!

      1. James

        Is there specific PSP exploit that you need? If so, can you link it?

  5. Rick Mcik

    It won’t let me log in to Meida Go! I keep getting “An unexpectd error has been detected. (80023017)”

    1. Ziddy

      There seems to be a problem with Media Go at the moment! If you’re on Twitter, give me a heads up and I’ll direct you to the right place!


    It says to enter a decryption key on step 7


      Just click the link and erase the %20 that appears there.


        Heh, nice name, bro.

    2. Ziddy

      Thanks for the heads up! I removed it on my side!


    Hey Ziddy, any other translation plans for other games at the moment?

    1. Ziddy


  8. ReallyNeedHelp

    Just to make things clear: “I have to buy the game to use your patch, right ???”

    1. Ziddy

      It would be the most morally right thing to do.

      Also this is a guaranteed method of working and you will be able to use the same method to patch Disc 2 when our patch is ready!

  9. jomkingal

    Oh yes! Thank you so much Ziddy and the team for translating this awesome game! Love Ayase~ <3 <3 <3

  10. Tomokodes

    If you buy the Japanese game on psp can you translate it onto the psp and play it from there or do you have to play it from PC? thanks :3

    1. Ziddy

      You can either use an emulator to play it or a CFW psp to play it!

  11. Yuusei

    So mediago is down… can’t get on playstation store on media go at all. i already bought the game (COMPLETELY LEGALLY. very proud of myself) and its currently on the ps store jpn i think… now i have no idea how to transfer it to my psp… any alternative options/ideas…? Thanks.

    1. Yuusei

      Also, i don’t know why but it seems that the game I bought from the psn had two discs, both of which were .xpd files when downloaded… so the extractor doesn’t work… D: Help…. (Kuroneko…wait a little longer….)

  12. cat_222

    love what you guys are doing great stuff havent seen another group like this. i wish i could help. keep up the great work

  13. Windy


    First of all, thanks for all the hard work on the project.

    I only just found out about this project and I’ve already had the physical copy of the game for a long time; if I want to use that, do I need to install custom firmware or can I use the patch without modifying my PSP?

    1. Ziddy

      You definitely need a CFW to run any type of fan-translated game!

      You can get it running on your PSP via this link. http://wololo.net/cfw4dummies/

      As for dumping your physical copy, you most certainly can! You can try using http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-a-PSP-UMD to get it as ISO format.

      Keep in mind that the game has to be the Tsuzuku Disc 1 Disc 2 package! The original Oreimo PSP release won’t work, even though it is 90% similar to Tsuzuku Disc 1!

      1. Windy


        After I’ve patched the game, where do I place it exactly in the PSP files? I read that you need to create folder called “ISO” at the root of your memory stick (as I didn’t have that folder originally) and just place the game there. However, the game doesn’t appear on the memory stick list.
        Could it be because I’m running the new 6.61 firmware? I did download the new (partly?) updated CFW, though. I also tried to downgrade with Chronoswitch but unfortunately that didn’t run properly. I’m not sure what to try next. My PSP model is 3004.

        1. Ziddy

          You definitely need to be running CFW to see any ISOs you place in the ISO folder.

      2. Windy

        or should I use some specific program to dump the physical copy? Unlike in the tutorial, it shows up to me as WinRAR file, since I don’t have PowerISO. Still, the patched game is a .iso file.

        1. Ziddy

          I haven’t had any experience with dumping physical copies of UMD games, bit I would assume http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-a-PSP-UMD helps in some way!

          The best way to check if you did it correctly is by running the ISO that you dumped through PPSSPP!


          This will allow you to check whether if it is an issue with the ISO or your PSP itself!

          1. Windy

            It works perfectly well with PPSSPP. Seems like it really is a problem with my PSP running the 6.61 firmware and the not-completed CFW for that version. I suppose I will wait for the updated CFW. However, for the time being, PPSSPP is fine by me.

            Thank you a lot for the assist!

  14. Christian

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if it would be possible to patch the game if you wanted to buy the physical version and play it on a PSP? If not, is there anyway to use this digital method, then move the file to a PSP and play it on a system?

    1. Ziddy

      You can try dumping the physical copy into an ISO format!

      As for dumping your physical copy, you most certainly can! You can try using http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-a-PSP-UMD to get it as ISO format.

      Keep in mind that the game has to be the Tsuzuku Disc 1 Disc 2 package! The original Oreimo PSP release won’t work, even though it is 90% similar to Tsuzuku Disc 1!

      By using Media Go, you can convert the downloaded .pkg files into .ISO and transfer them to your PSP via USB!

  15. Slightly Apathetic Naganohara

    Thanks for your amazing efforts to translate the game for us. I will be sure to buy this from PSN as soon as I can.

    1. Ziddy

      And thank you for taking the effort to support the creators involved! Not a lot of fans do that unfortunately!

  16. Thombus

    Hi Ziddy thanks for all of your hard work I think you guys are awesome. I need to ask a question though, If Ive already transfered the non-patched game from my media go program to my psp is there anyway to still make a copy of the game file work with the patch?

    1. Ziddy

      As long as the dumped ISO is a fresh one (unpatched), it will work with the patch.

      I’m afraid you have to acquire the ISO via Media Go again in that case!

  17. Tre

    My name is Tre, I’m a subscriber to your YouTube channel Dizzy Ziddy and i’m also a big fan of the anime Oreimo. I watched your video “Oreimo PSP Patch Preview WIP #2 – PSP VS PSVITA” and I instantly craved that game. I even saw a couple random gameplays of yours to make sure its the real deal. I want to buy a PS Vita just so I can experience this game with better quality. I’m not a big PSP or PS Vita fan, I haven’t even really played with one before. I do own a PS3 and have a PSN account so i’m familiar with that kind of thing. I just wanted to ask you of how you came about getting this game. I would appreciate if you told me where you found this, and even with the English subtitles. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Please tell me that if I buy a PS Vita, I will be able to play that game with the English subtitles no matter what the price is. If its not available for he PS Vita and only for PSP than that’s ok, I JUST NEED THIS GAME! If it is only PSP than please tell me witch one. I would like to know your method. Pleas reply once you get the chance.

  18. Tre

    Wait a minute… is this free? Or do I have somehow come upon 300 yen? WHERE AM I GONNA FIND THAT!!!

  19. Arvu

    Soo, after all this im at the final extract thing and then i realize my psp has only 1gb memory card… RIP

  20. Mak

    I’m new here, so I apologize if this is a dumb question. However, as I don’t have a PSP, and my PS Vita possesses a newer firmware, would it be possible to follow all the steps outlined here, then run the ISO on an emulator, instead? I want to still support the devs, but it doesn’t seem as though I’d be able to run the translated game on my Vita.

    1. Mak

      Also, I assume I just extract the patch files to the ISO in order to apply them? Again, sorry if these are really basic questions.

  21. Lloyd

    But is it in japanese or english subbed?

  22. Vnanime

    Hi I was a big fan of your 1st disc English patch. And hearing that disc2 is getting an English patch too makes me excited. I’ve supported the author and bought a physical copy, and can’t wait!

  23. Latrice McCoin

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will make certain to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back in the foreseeable future. I want to encourage one to continue your great job, have a nice morning!

  24. Eugene

    Media Go is no longer supported by Sony but you can still download .pkg files via your account page (account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com). Go to コンテンツ tab and click to DISC1 or DISC2 entry, then ダウンロード to download a .xpd file. Open it with a text editor of your choice and copy a link to the .pkg file from [FILE] entry.

  1. Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 1 : Full English Patch Release | Rinjinbu Translations

    […] Want to support the creators legally and purchase a digital copy of Oreimo PSP Tsuzuku? CLICK ME! […]

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