Jan 13

We are recruiting! [Updated 13 JAN 2014]


All future Oreimo PSP videos will not be uploaded until we get some new translators due to a massive shortage of staff members.

In particular, we are looking for these positions to be filled for the Oreimo PSP project, with the description of the work done to follow.

Please indicate if you have any prior experience with these positions. Additionally, if you would like to help out occasionally (aka not a permanent position), please indicate that as well. Schedules are somewhat flexible.


Oreimo PSP

Translator / Translation Checker (JP-EN) – Check on the translations and fix lines that have blanks for the existing scripts, in order for the patch to go smoothly. Proper English proficiency and Oreimo Knowledge recommended! (This is not an EDITOR POSITION.)

If you will be busy, you should inform us in advance, instead of disappearing with no reason. (Unless said reason involves you being unable to contact us beforehand)

Got another role with a fansub/translation group? We can work it out.

For those who are interested, drop me an e-mail (dizzyziddy at gmail.com) or drop by our irc channel (#rinjinbu, irc.rizon.net, or just use the Web IRC). You can also leave your contacts (e.g email) in the comments.

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The "Jack of All Trades" leader of Rinjinbu Translations. Also the owner of the youtube channel. And a very obvious Kuroneko fan.


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  1. Jason

    I’m interested in editing Oreimo’s script from engrish to english if it’s still needed.
    However, there are a couple things that I probably should let you know.
    1) The most important thing is that I don’t have a psp. I have a vita if that helps. So I won’t be able to play the game and fix the mistakes with choices. However, I am willing to review a script if that’s acceptable.
    2) I have enough spare time to do this but my schedule might get hectic when spring semester starts in August.
    So number 1 is probably a deal breaker, but just in case.

  2. Clayton

    Interested in Editing the script from Engrish to English if needed. I have to much spare time mainly spent watching anime since my study is done and will not be working much or at all till I get my anime store up and running. I might be continuing study from my room but that’s about it. So in other words I have a world of free time.

    1. Ziddy

      Dear Clayfox. Do drop by our IRC Channel at irc.rizon.net #rinjinbu or use the Web IRC so we can discuss this matter further.

  3. XanderLynx

    I’ve watched the anime; might read manga soon. I don’t think I can translate (though I can translate by ear a bit) I have a PSP2000 and I think i can edit the script.

  4. Xemnas

    I’m pretty noob about the mechanics of game translation, but the editor need to have some knowledge about the game codes? (i’m pretty good in english but i have zero knowledge aboute code and stuff like that)

    1. Xemnas

      about* sorry my mistake D:

  5. Aneirin

    Hi! 🙂

    I’m from Poland, but if you still need help I can help you as much as I can. I will do my best to release this game in english 🙂 I’m 2nd year IT student. I don’t have psp, but I have really good psp emulator. I’ve already patched my game and it’s working.

  6. Davidson

    Ive been thinking, since my college sembreak is coming i think i can help you guys in editing engrish to proper english sentences and fixing typos, im very confident in my english proficiency and since im a shut-in its the perfect thing to do while im killing time till the next sem, after all the only thing I do after coming home is downloading anime and playing WoT non-stop, so i guess i can also help you guys even after the sembreak is over 😀

  7. Kara

    Hello, I’m not to familiar with how everything works but I wouldn’t mind learning if someone was willing to help me along he way until I was self sufficient. (I’m a fairly fast learner in most things) I also have loads of spare time because I’m currently unemployed and not in school either, so I’m at home a majority of the time. However as far as my knowledge goes for Oreimo I’ve seen season 1, 2 and the OVA, I own and have read the Manga so the only thing I’m currently slacking on is the Novel it’s self and the visual novel of course. I mostly want to help in order to help progress this project but also for my own learning benefit because I’m interested in this sort of thing, I just don’t know how so I would need someone to help me. I also don’t own a PSP but I can purchase one by late march probably, if you feel having a physical PSP would be better for this project rather than an emulator.

    So all in all, I’m a beginner, about 85% of my time is free, I’ve seen the entire anime, read the manga and I’m interested in this project as a learning experience.

  8. Kara

    I also forgot to mention, I’m an avid Anime fan, I watch Anime quite a bit and I’ve played my share of Visual novels. I don’t know if this information was helpful for my asking to volunteer to help with this project but I figured I would add that just in case that mattered.

    A link to MAL, http://myanimelist.net/profile/Kirenisa

  9. Conner Pascual

    I could possibly help with fixing up English if it is still needed. I have watched both seasons of Oreimo so I have lots of knowledge on it. Also I own a PSP and I play using your patches. If any other help is still needed please let me know!

  10. Conner Pascual

    I also wanted to say that I know Hiragana and I’m learning Katakana right now. Just saying in case this might help.

  11. Kishiyojin

    yo im interested on translating and checking ur translations, i have some knowledge in iso editing and studied some “how to translate” games(mainly in psp), so i could try and help whenever i can

  12. Ben Manter

    I realize this was 3 months ago, but if you’re still looking for translators I might be able to help a little. After I come back from Japan in a couple months I might be able to help a lot. So if you’re still looking for help by then, I might be able to.

  13. Tsepo TheNarutouzumaki Gasa

    My Japanese might suck but I’m rather proud of my english fluency . I’d like to help where ever I can

  14. miaskoo

    Greetings, dear Rinjinbu.
    We’re otaku from Russia, and we’re interesting in translating novels.
    As you understand, Ore No Imouto has very big fan community in Russia, and we’re going to translate this novel.
    It’s pity, but we’re stuck at the pulling out and thrusting translated text in game. (I’m sorry, I’m translator, not a programmer)
    Could you please share your ways to getting text out of game and then joining it again?
    I sure that will help our programmer to deal with this problem.
    And sure we will mention your team in final translated version.
    Team “Elevation”

  15. Lourensse Jae T. Fuentes

    Hey there! I’m Lourensse from the Philippines.
    I hope your group still recruiting. Basically I’m a jack of all trades of sorts but unfortunately i’m a master of none.
    Here’s my e-mail address if your still open. (www.royalhound701@gmail.com)

    All hail Team “Elevation”

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